5 of the Most Blazing Milspouse Vloggers to catch up with

As I have started my blogging journey, I daily try read many other blogs that are loaded with resources. I use my blog planner to schedule time for my planning or outlining of my latest blog topic master piece. I try to come up with ideas for Milspouses whenever I can. I love technology and I’m always sharing or blogging about the latest app or social media platform or links to resourceful websites for Military Spouses. I can’t help it, I’m a total geek for all thing tech, especially if I know it can benefit Milspouses.

I’m also on Facebook or Twitter randomly scrolling when I am not busy (I mean who isn’t nowadays? Even my parents are online). Lately, my wife and I share all kinds of animal videos with each other; I mean, sometimes you just need to smile at something cute and fuzzy throughout the day. I do love it when pages on Facebook or Twitter share videos about cooking or hair or anything inspirational. I think I feel a strong connection to the story being shared through a video. Anyways, I wanted to connect the idea of videos in my social feeds and milspouse and bam “Military Spouse Vlogging” idea was born.

“A video blog or video log, is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television. Vlog entries often combine embedded video (or a video link) with supporting text, images, and other metadata.”

I am still trying to navigate my way through all the new media outlets by blogging of course and working on social media I am weak in like Instagram. My favorite social media outlet is Pinterest because it’s well-designed, easy, and lets you find what you need fast. Video’s in media are a huge thing and I wanted to explore this more.

“On January 2, 2000, Adam Kontras posted a video alongside a blog entry aimed at informing his friends and family of his cross-country move to Los Angeles in pursuit of show business, marking the first post on what would later become the longest-running video blog in history. In November of that year, Adrian Miles posted a video of changing text on a still image, coining the term vog to refer to his video blog. In 2004, Steve Garfield launched his own video blog and declared that year “the year of the video blog“.”

Now fifteen years later, it seems like everyone who’s anyone either blogs or vlogs online. I think the way we communicate and share ideas or information has changed over time. The internet has created a singular place where anyone can share anything at any time. New smart phones offered at just about every major phone company have  streamlined communications with latest technology and now anyone can be connected to the world with a push of a button.

I have rounded up 5 Blazing Military Spouse Vloggers I recommend you visit:

1)  Diamonds on Deck 76 is are Navy Milspouse friend duo who vlog about a wide variety of topics, super fun to watch them in action.


2) Joy and Toy are an Air Force Couple who documents their life together moving from Hawaii to California.

joy and toy

3) Kelly Elizabeth is a Marine Spouse Vlogger who is documenting her family life living post!



4)  The Story Of China is about a Army Wife who documenting her life at Fort Irwin in California. She is reliable, down to earth and is super funny in her videos.



5) Kristine Jeanne vlogs about her life as an new Army Wife, make-up, beauty and fitness.


Bonus Vlogger Link: The Johnson’s – Our Fairy-tale is about a new Army Couple Jadashia and Deandrea who document their life in the military.


Here is an extra fun website I found about surprise military homecomings I thought you would in joy.


Now maybe you want to start you own Military Spouse Vlog? For now, I am going to stick to blogging so stay tuned for my next blog.

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5 of the Most Blazing Milspouse Vloggers to catch up with

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7 thoughts on “5 of the Most Blazing Milspouse Vloggers to catch up with

  1. We follow so many of the same vloggers {I’m still sad diamonds on deck broke up their channel}
    Do you have a channel yourself?
    Also do you follow Our Normal Life Atlanta? if you don’t- they are awesome!!! {military mommies to-be} love their stuff!


    1. I really did love Diamonds on Deck and its sad they broke up their channel. I currently do not have a channel myself. I will have to check out Our Normal Life Atlanta.


    1. I look through all the youtube channels trying to find Milspouses! Your channel is awesome. Thanks for stopping by!


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