10 Super Easy ways to Stay Safe when you Live Alone

So, your spouse is deployed or is training away from home. Now, you are on your own at home – alone. What do you need to know about personal safety when living alone? There are many things your can do to be secure and safe.

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.” Jodi Rell

I have listed 10 super easy ways to stay safe when you live alone.

  1.  Your phone is your best friend
    • Keep your phone handy and charged all the time you never know when one call could save your life.
    • Limit social media status when out to avoid the wrong person from knowing your comings and goings.
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  2. Be alert around your house
    • Use a peephole or chain on the door if you have one to protect yourself of unwanted attacks.
    • Keep windows locked when not in use and curtains closed at night. Privacy is very important when living alone not to mention you don’t want to advertise you live alone.
    • Make sure your mailbox only lists your first initial and your last name.
    • Add a pair of big boots near your front door to appear like some else lives with you.chair-690341_1280
  3. Install a Home Security
    • Buy motion sensor lights and or outside cameras.
    • Outdoor lights make it less temping for someone to break in.
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  4. Meet your Neighbors
    • Whether you live on base or off introduce yourself to your neighbors that way you can create a neighborly friendship. Your neighbors could save your life one day so meet them.
    • Its important to know neighbors everyday habits and what kind of cars they drive to catch any usual activity.
    • Research crime near your home so you know what to expect. You can also join a local Facebook community group to find out the happenings of your area. Its always good to be informed and aware of what’s going on near you.summer-895943_1280
  5. Lock It Up
    • Make sure your locks are secure on all doors, windows, and gates that lead to your yard.
    • If you have a sliding glass door make sure you have a bar at the bottom for added protection.france-849459_1280
  6. Protect your house keys
    • Do not hiding key in the front entry way of your house a bugler could easily find your key.
    • Only give extra keys out to those you trust.keychain-453500_1280
  7. Run errands during the day
    • Avoiding unnecessary trips out during night hours will keep you safer with less chance to run into danger.
    • Always use common sense when leaving your house at night keep your keys in your hand and unlock your car door just as you get to your parking area or space.people-768551_1280
  8. Get a Pet
    • A dog is always a great pet to have when living alone.
    • Dogs have very good hearing and can bark to alert you of intruders. rottweiler-869007_1280
  9. Stay in touch with near by family or friends
    • Do not be home alone if a stranger from a company has to stop by.
    • Invite family or friends over regularly to keep your house lively and full with people. This creates an illusion that you don’t live alone.
    • Ask friend or family member to be an ally for instances when you feel unsafe home alone and need someone to come over.
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  10. Purchase a Weapon
    • If you feel comfortable for added protection buy a can of pepper spray, keep a knife handy or purchase a gun.
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10 Super Easy ways to Stay Safe when you Live Alone

What are your tricks for staying safe when living alone? Leave a comment.

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