5 Tips to Connect with LGBTQ in Your Military Community

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How do you connect with LGBTQ in your Military Community? Leave a comment and share you thoughts!

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I want to bring awareness and acceptance for LGBTQ in our communities all across the world. What better way than by blogging? I want to share with everyone.

2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Connect with LGBTQ in Your Military Community

  1. Youtube is my saving grace!!! It keeps me connected to voice of sanity, lol…

    Our last duty station{west coast, major city} was sooo surprisingly old-school. People were friendly but definitely still very offensive {bordering on straight-up homophobic} I told myself it had to of been unintentional but it was really hard to hear & watch.
    I had the pleasure of working in nightlife/ community outreach and got a lot of exposure to LGBTQ military & vets that way {so i didn’t feel like a total closet case from space}- but was shocked to see how many people still live in the closet.
    I am proud to identify as the queer, granddaughter of a gay man, and niece of a lesbian… I didn’t grow up around military so I don’t think I was mentally ready for how old fashioned people in the community can be.


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