Lesbian Military Parenthood

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I decided I am going to create a 4 part blog series on Lesbian Military Parenthood  for National Military Family Month next month to help you get different perspectives on parenthood. Look for posts coming in November!


Here is a little bit about me:

My wife and I have been together for 4 years and married 2. I come from a pretty big Hispanic family and I grew up always thinking I would have a family of my own. As time passed, I grew up and figure out I was gay. The dream of having my own family might have been jaded a little when I came out to friends in 2005, 19 states banned same sex marriage. I always knew I wanted to me be married and possibly have children. It’s amazing to think in just 10 years time when I came out to now in 2015 same-sex marriage is legal in all states – it’s the law of the land. My wife and I are still figuring out if we want children or not.


Come along with me and explore the different ways you can become a parent while in the Military and what it will mean for you and your spouse or partner.

Check out My blog Posts on Lesbian Military Parenthood.

lesbian military parenthood

Smiling expecting mixed lesbian couple sitting together



What are you thoughts on having children while you are in the Military? Leave a comment and share your thoughts and ideas.

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I want to bring awareness and acceptance for LGBTQ in our communities all across the world. What better way than by blogging? I want to share with everyone.

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