How to Be Happy and Stay Positive as a Military Spouse

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Military Spouse deal with a lot on a day to day basis we are the support system for our soldiers. We keep things grounded and together in our homes and communities. As wives or mothers or sisters or daughters or employees we feel overwhelmed and can easily forget what makes us happy and brings us joy. Just like our relationships we work at or  goals we set and want to accomplish, we also have to decide and work at being positive daily.

October is National Positive Attitude month, check out my  list of 6 quick ways to stay positive throughout the day.

Live in the Present


Enjoy the present as it happens. Whether you reading a new book, watching a new show on Netflix or talking to your spouse, be present in that moment. Don’t worry about the future it hasn’t happened yet.

Avoid Negative Thinking

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Remove thinking about all the things you think that could go wrong. Yesterday, I went on an interview for a new job and instead of thinking I did horrible because I couldn’t answer a few questions perfectly; I focused on what I did say right and my job experiences that gives me an edge.  There is no point in thinking negatively over the the maybe’s and what if’s in life. Deal with situations as they arise. Tackle one thing at a time and find a solution.

Be Optimistic – Decide to see things in the cup of life as half full instead of half empty. Look at the beauty in everything you see.

Practice Gratitude


What are you thankful for? I’m thankful for my health, family and friends. I am also thankful for each and every military service member who protects American and my freedoms. Remember to look at what you have, not what you do not have. Gratitude and kindness go hand in hand to help you be ready to support your spouse.

Connect with Others


Communicate with family– If you’re far away from your immediate family and in a new area talk to your family regularly. Update your family by calling them or posting on Facebook or Instagram. I tend to visit my mom as much as possible whether we meet up at Applebee’s or simply hang out at her house since I currently live close by. Share you happy times and share when you’re feeling blue. Feeling connected to other can help you feel less lonely and more connected.

Meet and make new friends – As a military spouse you can be busy with children and household chores or work but take time out and meet those near you. Its good to reach out and realize you aren’t the only one going through what you are going through.

Create a support group or offer help to others – Is the an FRG group on base or near where you live? Look online to find out how you can join meetings and learn about your benefits. You can even offer to help new military spouses when they come to FRG meetings. Maybe you can’t make it to FRG meetings think about looking online for support and as a way to connect with other military spouses.

Take care of your spirit

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Create joy and satisfaction – What gives your peace of mind or pleasure? Perhaps you like exercising or walking in your neighborhood or maybe trying new restaurants. I have peace of mind when I can pay my bills on time or even just having a clean house it’s always nice for me. I also have found a new endeavor – adult coloring.


Coloring is fun, I can do it almost anywhere, and coloring can reduces stress. The most important thing to consider when finding joy and happiness in your life is taking care of yourself. Do what makes you smile.

Stay Busy

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Take up a hobby – What do you enjoy doing? I love writing so I am here writing this blog enjoying writing. Why take up a hobby? Hobbies are great to help you cultivate and find your happiness which helps you stay positive.

My wife loves making handmade soaps and she finds time between work and family responsibilities to have a hobby that’s hers. Hobbies also give you something new to talk about and share with your spouse. Be who you are and do what you love.

Look for a job – Looking for a job in a new area might be scary or daunting but working can help you make money and give you a sense of independence. If you have children volunteer to help out in class or join the PTA at your child’s school. Helping out could be something to consider if you do not want to work. Find something you love and are passionate and do it.

Go back to school – Learning a new subject at the local community college in your area is another way to keep moving. Try something new like a Yoga or Boot-camp exercise class. The are endless types of classes you can try from cooking to cake decorating to mommy & me classes if you have children. Possibly even pursue a degree if you are up for the challenge depending on your situation.

Being positive is easy you just have to choose to look on the bright side of things. I have anxiety and take medication daily. Some days are better than others for me personally I try everyday to be positive and happy. I shape and create my own joy. I realize it’s okay to feel sad or upset or hurt but I let go of things I can’t change or talk through what it is I am feeling. Happiness comes from you. No one can make your happy but you. If there is something you do not like in your life change it. Decide what matters to you and never give up.

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How to Be Happy and Stay Positive as a Military Spouse

What do you do to stay positive as a military spouse? Leave a comment.

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