What happens when devastating terror is too close to home?


What happens when terrorism happens just around the corner from you house? There is really nothing you can do other than know what do when terrorism happens. I don’t think you can really prepare yourself for something so devastating.

Terrorism: What does it really insight? Basically, from what I could see online terrorism is any violent act used to insight fear motivated politically or socially.

My Story:

I believe when you think about terrorism on a large scale you know it exists but you don’t think it could happen near your home. I happen to live in Riverside, CA my wife works in San Bernardino. In the past weeks there have been many reports on the news about the San Bernardino Shooting.

The day the shooting took place I was at work and my boss mentioned something about a shooting. At first I didn’t think much because nowadays shootings are so common. My boss continued to tell me the shooting occurred in San Bernardino. I was in disbelief and I thought how could somebody do this? I then went to the internet to see news about the shooting and to find out what was going on. I called my mom because she works close to San Bernardino to make sure she was okay. Next, I text my wife what was happening. Lucky, my wife didn’t go into work that morning and wasn’t in San Bernardino when the shootings occurred. I was thankful one one in my family was hurt.

I went to lunch with a coworker and we watched CNN to understand what was happening in San Bernardino. As we got our lunch and sat down the gun battle between the shooters and cops unfolded on live television right in front of us.

It was heart breaking and surreal to a numbing point that something so tragic could happen less than 8 miles from my house. My thoughts go out to those 14 innocent victims lost on December 2, 2015. I was thinking what do can I do? Instead of being a afraid or just watching the news I  decided share my story and thoughts  with this post because I want remember those who were lost to keep their memory alive. Never forget.


I also wanted to relay information about an active shooter in this post in case any one was to faced with this kind of situation. I never thought I would have to prepare from something like this, but its always better to know what to do. We now live in an age where safety is a relative term. 

Here are some great resources if you are ever faced with in a situation where there is an active shooter.



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What happens when devastating terror is too close to home

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