Improve Your Fitness Regime Right Now

Improve Your Fitness Regime Right Now

The winter holidays are long gone and spring is here. Beautiful trees are just budding and colorful flowers are blooming all around us. What was your New Year’s resolution? Exercise, maybe eat more health? I know for me my New Year’s goals where to do exactly that. Exercise more and eat healthier. Don’t hold it against me, I am not an expert on fitness or exercise. I am an average military spouse searching for my exercise path that will lead me to better health.

I have good intentions and I have tried. My sister-in-law and I were trying to walk three times a week at a local park near where she lived. It was going great until the weather started raining every day we planned to walk. Also, my sisters-in-law’s sisters boyfriend was in a bad motorcycle accident and my sister-in-law ended up needing to help her sister out. I really wanted to be committed to walking to exercising. How do you deal with life continuing making it difficult for you to achieve you exercise goals?trustRecently, when I was near Catalina Island I looked out over the cool blue ocean waves and the rolling green mountain ranges all around me and realized I needed to live. I needed to take care of myself and exercise. You only get one life to live. I want my life to be wonderful and I wanted to be happy. I saw it all boils down to exercise and fighting of disease later in life.

“After, one booze filled fishing yacht trip I decided I wanted to take care of myself.” – Norine Holguin

I realized even with good intention and trying I still needed to keep turning those good intentions into different actions that produced the results I wanted. Actions that create change would help me meet my goals and achieve my dreams. Did I need to join a gym to do that? In my opinion I think it really depends on your situation and what you want to do. I have had many gym memberships and this time around if I did join a gym I wanted it to be something I could stick with. I decided just recently to look into different kinds of gyms.



Lately, motivation has been lacking for me when it comes to going to the gym or even just getting up and exercising. I found myself constantly making self sabotaging excuses like “I’m to tired” or “I do it tomorrow.” I realized that maybe I might be tired because I don’t exercise and tomorrow comes and goes just like that. I work and commute a lot. I need something that was fast and efficient. I had to find something that fit into my life. After a few Google searches and some reflection I decided to try out an offer from Curves and I love it.

How I’m improving my fitness Regime:


I looked at my sedentary lifestyle and I decided to change it.


Making the decision to faithful go to the gym is a big committed and I finally made it.


I want to feel better about myself, the way I look, and my health.


I get up a little early and go work out. I figure if I can go to work I can go the gym too.


I join Curves. I really enjoy going to Curves and doing the circuits it works for me.

My Secret Weapon

I do own a Fitbit and I had have friends who own a Fitbit which tracks how much you walk every day kind of like and super advanced pedometer. I really do love how my Fitbit tracks my exercise, steps, calorie intake and sleep. I can do everything with on simple app.


I think depending on your life choose some type of exercise you enjoy and can stick with. Find what works for you Good luck and get moving!

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Improve Your Fitness Regime Right Now

What is your are your Fitness and Exercise stories or tip for other military spouses? Leave a comment!

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