Do you want to share your Journey as a Military Spouse?


Do you have a unique Military story you want to share? Here is your chance, email me at and we can make this happen.

Share with the world your journey!

You are the author of your life and I would love to help you share it with the world. Be creative, bold and have fun!

Post Submission Rules:

  • Post must be between 500-1200 words
  • Post must include 1-4 photos
  • Post cannot break any copyright laws
  • Post must include a bio and head-shot
  • Post must be ready for publication…. make sure to edit and proof read
  • Post must be written exclusively for OMG Lesbian Army Wife and cannot have been published anywhere else online.

Blog post will be posted within 24-72 hours depending on if post meet all requirements. Remember to be genuine and be who you are.

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Can’t wait to help share your story!


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I want to bring awareness and acceptance for LGBTQ in our communities all across the world. What better way than by blogging? I want to share with everyone.

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