Exercise your Right to Vote in the upcoming Election


Everyday our military fight for our rights and freedoms. One of those freedoms is, your freedom  to vote. In this upcoming election we are voting on the next President of the United States of America. Not to mention, there are also many propositions to vote on in various states.

In 2016, 165 statewide ballot measures have been certified for the ballot in 35 states. Of these measures, 74 were put on the ballot by citizens through signature petitions, rather than by state legislatures. Eight measures were on pre-november elections, leaving 157 measures for statewide ballots in November.”

In my home state of California there are 18 proposition from legalization of marijuana, to raising costs of prescription medication for veterans, to taxation on the rich for school. I just received a booklet in the mail that goes over every proposition.


However, we do live in a digital age and everything is online in case you haven’t received the Official Voters Information Guide like I have check out the Presidential Elections page.

Voting is how your voice is heard.

The other day I was listening to the radio and there was a story about how many younger millennials don’t want to vote because they do not like the current candidates. I can understand why younger millennials might not want to vote, but there is a lot at stake. How I feel is if you don’t want to vote for the a Presidential Candidate then don’t but be there to vote for local and state propositions that effect you and your community. For more information about propositions being voted on in your home state check out ballotpedia.




If you still need more convincing or information there is also a really cool App you can download called Hear My Voice – Election 2016. You can find out all about that latest news and information regarding propositions that effect you.


You still  have time to register to vote.

Take the time to register today. Turbovote make it super easy to sign in for the election in a matter of minutes. Signup deadlines are fast approaching October 24th is looking like it will be the last day to sign up for the November 9, 2016 Presidential Election. Vote for what matters to you.


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How are you voting? Share your viewpoints leave a comment.

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