Weekend Coffee Share: Milspouse Blogging Adventures


Its official I am a military spouse blogger. I have been writing for a year and and seven months. Writing a blog takes work you have to think of things to write about, how to help others, share your experiences, and connect with your readers. I know for me it can be a lot time consuming work. Ask any blogger who writes. Sometimes I have nothing to write about or can’t finish a post because I don’t have time or don’t feel like it. Other times life happens and I get caught up in everyday things I have to do like cleaning, cooking, working and bettering my relationships with my family.


Blogging is one of the most rewarding thing you can do especially if you are a writer and if are passion about what it is you write about. I try to infuse my life into everything I write about and try to write about what others can learn about. I run my blog and website myself but love every minute of it.

Do you love writing? Do you want to volunteer to write for me? Do you need to share your story or just plain blog about a topic? Then email me and lets talk!


I really haven’t blogged this month and this is okay. I realize that when you blog sometimes you will have months where you have lots post and other months you won’t have too many posts. Writing is in my veins and I am trying to connect and bring about useful meaningful content to my readers. Keep visiting often and keep reading my blog. Love all of you!

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What are your adventures as a blogger? Leave a comment share your thoughts!

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I want to bring awareness and acceptance for LGBTQ in our communities all across the world. What better way than by blogging? I want to share with everyone.

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