10 Creative Military Ornament Ideas for Christmas


I love the winter time its one of my favorite times of the year and not just because my birthday is in December. I enjoy feeling the cool crisp air of winter weather. Holidays are a wonderful time for all type of families. There is such a wonderful feeling about sharing time with the ones you love the most. Military families might be apart during the holidays and have to get creative when celebrating. Christmas time can be difficult for a military families to create traditions if they are separated by a deployment or are far away from close relatives.

What better way to create new traditions than by collecting  Military Ornaments for Christmas to bring your family closer?


I love Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving was over my wife and I set up and decorated our Christmas tree. As I blog my Christmas tree is glowing brightly with colored lights and ornaments. Every since my wife and I got married a few years ago I have made it a tradition to collect ornaments from trips, special occasions, and one new ornament every year to remember the year by. I wanted to share my love of Christmas. Check out these creative ideas to keep you Christmas tree filled with love and ornaments for every year.

10 Creative Military Ornament Ideas for Christmas

1. Traditional Ornaments 

There is something to be said about classic or traditional ornaments like globe or circular sized ornaments that are either glass or plastic. Nothing can beat tradition. The thing about traditional ornaments is that they are flexible and you can decorate different every year. Maybe one year you are looking for more color or you want to be more patriotic you can do that with a quick change of classic ornaments.


2. Personalized Ornaments

What better to help remember the year than by giving a customized ornament with the year, branch of military or name of you spouse serving in the military? Every year is different with different obstacles and challenges you and your spouse over come.



3. Branch Ornaments

There are so many types of branch ornaments to choose from. You can purchase simple branch seals or branch logos ornaments and  ornaments with pictures of your spouse. Whichever type of branch ornament you choose just know it will make and impact and create that special military tradition.



4. Travel Ornaments

Life is about making memories with those you love. Most time we travel down the road with our spouses and family on vacations, road trip or even moving for a PCS. You can get a Christmas ornament from the city your living in, moving to or have visited. Collecting traveling ornaments is a great way to create conversation during the holidays and share stories with those you love.



5. Honoring a Fallen Hero Ornaments 

Military life can be hard sometimes especially if you and your spouse have lost a fellow military member in war. Why not purchase an ornament can be used every year to remember fellow soldiers lost in the line of fire? Remembering your fellow soldier is a great way to honor their memory and what they scarified.



6. Handmade Ornaments

Christmas is all about giving and making others feel special. Handmade or hand craft military ornament are a unique and special way to share with others. Give the gift of creativity and love with an ornament your make!



7. Sentimental Ornaments

Sentimental military ornaments are all about emotion and capturing how you felt during a period of time. These type of ornaments are easy pass down to other family members. Life is all about sharing and remember the good times and learning from the tough times.



8. Commemorative Ornaments 

Mark a special event like a promotion, years served or a celebration your spouse attend with a commemorative ornament for Christmas. Look for wood or metal ornaments as a special touch to remember those events.



9. Wacky or Outlandish Ornaments

Why not add some fun and laughter to your Christmas this year. Purchasing a wacky or outlandish ornament is a great way to get the conversation going. Whether you make or buy a crazy ornaments  it will stand out for years to coming bring tons of smiles.



10. Ornaments to Give or Trade

Friends and family mean some much, creating traditions can keep the Christmas spirit alive everywhere you live or happen to be stationed. Mailing a Christmas ornament to your family members can bring you closer together even if you are far away during the holiday. Another great tradition to start is to give or trade and ornament with a fellow milspouse whether they live far or near.




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Have you ever made your own Military Ornament? Share you story!

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