25 of the Best Military Spouse Twitter Feeds to Follow


Updated 12/29/2016

We live in an age where technology has slowly be steady become an intricate part our life from the moment we wake we reach for the phone and check messages and then the days starts.  I feel as a military spouse you have lots of things going on from family to work to friends to your spouse. It’s a constant battle to find relevant information quickly and easily.

Wikipedia states “Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called “tweets”.”  I like the fact that Twitter is short and simple you get the meat of topics right away. I also think when you are tweeting you have to be concise as well about what you are sharing or saying.“I am on Twitter, and the people I choose to follow on Twitter give me the information I need the instant it happens.” – From blog post Be one of the first to know



It took me awhile to try Twitter. I didn’t get it. I thought it was pointless at first. However, when I began blogging I realized I needed to be more open-minded and check what Twitter was all about. I actually came to find over time I really liked Twitter. It’s different from other forms of social media and made it possible to get information fast and share it tons of people at once. Twitter has given me the ability to connect with other Military Spouses in an instant. I can check my feed share a quick thought or article or blog post.

I love seeing what other military spouses think and I see I am not the only one who deals with certain things. I also like knowing the latest news and what resources are available to me.I wanted to share my favorite Twitter Feeds with you in case you are new to Twitter or a newbie who is looking for vital information to help navigate your new life as a military spouse.

Here is my list of 25 Best Military Spouse Twitter Feeds to Follow:

Military Spouse Websites and Blogs

  1. @ArmyWifeNetwork


About: AWN is a grass-roots effort for #militaryspouse empowerment and support. Valuable resources, podcasts, blogs, and columns for the #Armywife & #milso. Join us!

Website: armywifenetwork.com

  1. @Armywife101


About: Krystel S. Head of Brand Outreach@MSBNewMedia Creator of Popular Lifestyle blog for #Milspouse. Former French Fry and Cupcake Snob!

Website: armywife101.com/northcarolinam…

  1. @KaylaRoof


About: I help ambitious military spouses start their own businesses that can move with them to each duty station.

Website:  kaylaroof.com



About: I write about life as the home front to a deployed service member. I was well prepared and it was still nothing like I expected.

Website: awaywerun.com

  1. @HeatherGoffrier


About: #Navywife & #toddlermom sharing military deployment tips, care package ideas, parenting/fertility stories & encouragement. #Milspouse blogger

Website: happyfitnavywife.com

  1. @NextGenMilSo


About: THE site for #millennial #milspouse &#MilSo. Because the last thing you are is dependent. Lifestyle, careers, & trending news for the #military community.

Website: nextgenmilspouse.com

  1. @Jdavis55


About: Motivational Speaker, Author, Lifestyle Blogger. Military Life & Teen Suicide Prevention Expert, @LiveThruCrisis CEO LOVE to laugh & help others. #Milspouse

Website: theDirectionDiva.com

  1. @SoldiersWifeCL


About: Military spouse blogger, photographer, writer, avid reader, social media lover, mom to 3 boys, wife of 13 years, living in Tennessee, dreaming of California.

Website: soldierswifecrazylife.com

  1. @JoMyGosh


About: Stories & advice that feel like coming home. Relationships (including long distance and military), care packages, DIYs, recipes, & the things that matter.

Website: jomygosh.com



  1. @LGBTMilPartners


About: The American Military Partner Association (AMPA) is the nation’s organization of partners, spouses, families, & allies of #LGBT #military &#veterans#MilFams

Website: MilitaryPartners.org



About: Your Military Health Plan – Serving Uniformed Service members, retirees and their families worldwide.

Website: tricare.mil

12.  @MilSpouseMag


About: Military Spouse – Simplifying your crazy, wonderful military life. Join our amazing#militaryspouse community! Welcome to the family.

Website: militaryspouse.com

  1. @Military1Source


About: Offering resources, referrals, consultations and counseling services on the issues that concern military families; 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year. 1-800-342-9647

Website: MilitaryOneSource.mil

  1. @SupportMilSps


About: To applaud the brave military spouses who shoulder responsibilities of family, employment, finances, wounded warrior care, and the honoring of fallen heroes.

Website: supportmilitaryspouses.org

  1. @MilResource


About: Supports MilSpouse projects. Learning something new every day. Wine,Yoga & Books – my favorite! War Eagle!

Website: MilspouseResource.com 

  1. @HomefrontUinted


About: We are all one #military family. Official Network for National Guard and Reserve families.

Website: homefrontunited.com

  1. @military_family


About: The National Military Family Association tweets! Find us on Facebook at httww.facebook.com/militaryfamily  or read our blog at h://blog.militaryfamily.org .

Website: militaryfamily.org

Education and Career

  1. @salutetospouses


About: SalutetoSpouses is the new go-to resource for education and career news for military spouses.

Website: http://www.salutetospouses.com


Military Spouse Groups



About: I’m passionate about helping people.  Whether it’s a personal goal, or learning how to work together as a couple or team- I help people build strong, balanced relationships with themselves and others.

Website: corieweathers.com

  1. @SpouseBUZZ


About: Military spouses using keyboards to provide virtual support, and the friendly skies to tour military bases/posts to bring some fun & laughs to other milspouses

Website: spousebuzz.com

  1. @SpouseLinkOrg


About: https://www.SpouseLink.org ™ links military spouses together with informative, supportive and inspiring Web content.

Website: spouselink.org

Discounts and Benefits

  1. @TroopID


About: Troop ID works with brands to enable verified members of the military & their families to access their military discounts online & earn cash back at @IDme.

Website: ID.me/military

  1. @MilBenefits


About: Military Benefits information for active duty, veterans, reserves, military spouses and families. A non-government, privately sponsored account.

Website: militarybenefits.info

PCS Move Resources

  1. @gomillie_com


About: MILLLIE is standing by to help military families move with a network of people who’ve been in your shoes, and are ready to help you before, during and after your PCS.

Website: gomillie.com

  1. @pcslodging


About: PCS-Lodging provides easy access to lodging in and around U.S. Military Bases. We also are a source for military travel related news. A Military By Owner company.

Website: pcs-lodging.com

Of Course Follow me!!



About: A place where Lesbian Army & Military Wives can find helpful tips & resources. Also, learn about benefits & their new life as a Milspouse!

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