What was your favorite gift you received over the holidays?

what-was-your-favorite-gift-you-received-over-the-holidays-1I know the holidays are over and the New Year is just around the corner. I have been reflecting over the last year. I believe I have grown a lot in the way I see things and how I connect with those around. I know I am not perfect but I am trying.


I love the winter holidays and had my Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving. I still cant believe how fast the holidays came and went. Then I got to thinking about my favorite gift I received at Christmas from my wife. She got me a set of Chakra crystals.


The reason these crystals are my favorite is because lately I’ve been wanting to connect spiritually and soulfully with the universe. I plan to learn my about healing crystals and how to use them. I want to become more one and at peace with my surroundings.

Happy New Years!


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What was your favorite gift was this holiday season? Share your thoughts leave a comment!

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