Last minute Lesbian Valentine’s Day gift Guide


Valentine’s day is just around the corner, so I thought I’d put together a gift guide, if you waited until the last minute to pick something up for your special lady. I love all holidays but find Valentine’s Day to be the perfect day to show and feel love. Sure some think Valentine’s Day was created by corporations to take our money but I feel like Valentine’s Day is to give and receive.

Yes, of  course Valentine’s Day is just one day and nothing you do or say on Valentines day can make up for the all year rounds of taking out the trash or doing the dishes without being asked. Laughing at dumb movies or inside jokes you have. Or just a spur of the moment “I love you, I’m grateful for you, I appreciate you.” A loving relationship that actually works take showing you care and love for each other every day not just one day. But Valentine’s day is fun too! Gifts are also nice too.

My Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is based on some lesbian labels and basic types of personalities you found out there. Although, I have group and label gifts feel free to buy one gift of different gifts based on taste. This gift guide is here to help inspire and get your lady the perfect gift.



Fem Lesbian

  1. Sexy Valentines Day Basket
  2. Cute Purse 
  3. Fashion Watch
  4. Perfume
  5. Traditional Flowers 
  6. Jewelry 
  7. Make-up 





Butch Lesbian

  1. Cologne 
  2. Record Player
  3. Men or Unisex Skin Care
  4. Stylish Sunglasses
  5. New Kicks 
  6. Pomade or Hair-styling products
  7. Gaming consul or New Game 





Hippie Spiritual Lesbian

  1. Soulful Inspired Necklace
  2. Chakra Stones
  3. Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp
  4. Relaxing Candles or Incense
  5. Positive Cozy Throw 
  6. Spiritual Book
  7. Mediation Bracelet 





Foodie Lesbian

  1. Trendy New Cook Book
  2. Cast Iron Pans
  3. Chocolates
  4. Edible Arrangement 
  5. Cheese Board 
  6. Professional mixer 
  7. Cooking Utensils  



Animal Lover Lesbian

  1. Tickets to the Zoo or other Animal themed Show
  2. Animal backpack or purse
  3. Dog Travel Pillow 
  4. Amazing Animal Coffee Cups
  5. Animal Robe
  6. Favorite Animal Shaped Candles
  7. Warm Tiger or Wolf Comforter 





Military Lesbian

  1. G Shock Watch
  2. Water proof note book
  3. Military Themed Hoodie or Jacket
  4. Frame Military Inspired Photo or Photo Books
  5. 5 Love Languages: Military Edition
  6. Deployment Jewelry
  7. Bullet Beer Can Opener




Athletic Lesbian

  1. Smart Water Bottle
  2. New Sports Bra
  3. Wireless Headphones
  4. GoFit Gravity Straps Set, Black
  5. On the go Gym Bag
  6. Stylish Active-ware or Running Shoes 
  7. Kettlebell



Hipster Lesbian

  1. Beanies or Hats
  2. Fun T-Shirt
  3. Messenger Bag
  4. Home Brewery Kit
  5. Leather Bracelet 
  6. Travel Coffee Mug
  7. Plaid Jacket



Artistic Lesbian

  1. Adult Coloring Book
  2. Bookish Bracelet 
  3. Deluxe Sketching Kit
  4. Artful Socks
  5. Instant Print Camera
  6. Customized Notebook
  7. Organizational Supply Tote

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What type of gift did you buy or want to buy for your lady? Share your thoughts. Leave a comment!


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