20 of the very best Self-Care Pins for Milspouses


When you are a military spouse self care is especially vital because you are on the military’s schedule when it comes to how things pan out. Which isn’t a bad thing just a different way of getting through every day life situations. I struggle the most with anxiety. I try to limit chaos or drama in my life. No doubt its hard to completely avoid drama all the time when you have to deal with political,  in-laws or annoying people at work. What the is self-care?

Self-care is the idea of enhancing your overall well-being whether through your emotions, relationships, mind, body, spirit or work.

Well let me tell you life is hard and there maybe times or situations you feel helpess or feel like giving up. It is important that you take care of you. That means loving yourself first, that means realizing you need to take are break every once and while. Self-care can help you manage stress in your life and keep you balanced.

By taking care of yourself, you setting yourself up to handle anything that comes your way.


Soul + Mind + Body = Self Care

Start with this pin and learn how to create your very own  self-care tool kit.


Everyone is unique and chooses to take various paths in their lives. Self-care is unique to each person. As a military spouse with a self care tool kit you can help your self take on anything. Now,  you are aware of what  self care is, hopefully you have your self care tool kit. What’s the next steps?  Everyone is unique and chooses different paths so if you are extrovert or introvert I have got you covered!

Get Started: Group Environment

I think its so awesome military spouses have gotten together to form a self care group. If you are looking for guidance or don’t want to do this alone check out this pin.



Get Started: Self Environment

If you are more of an independent type who wants to search for answers about self care and how you can use self care to be a better you, check out this pin.



Mind: Anxiety & Depression

Keep your head focused and be positive. Life is amazing.






Body: General Self-Care

Remember your body is your temple you only get one!





Walking on treadmill young people running exercise at fitness center




Soul: Happiness

Learn new ways to find peace in your heart. Happiness is what life is all about.




Coping Skills:

Print this chart out and add it your self care tool kit as a guide for understanding  techniques you can use.



Challenge Yourself:

I found these two really great pins you can use to challenge how you live your life. Add more balance to your life by practicing small simple things everyday. Step up to the plate and find peace in your life.





Products to Help you stay healthy:



Apps to Check Out:



Pin This:


What type of self-care do you activities do you use in your life? Leave a comment share your thoughts!

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