Are you prepared for a natural disaster?

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September is National Preparedness month. Are you prepared?

This year’s theme is:  Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You CAN!


First things first, do you have an emergency plan for your family? If  you do not already have a plan make Your Emergency Plan today.

Here is an Emergency Plan I recommend if you don’t have a plan yet:


As a semi-urban survivalist deep down I always want to be prepare for any situation that might arise.  I feel like if you are prepared you are less likely to panic. I also think in any disastrous situation if you have a basic idea of what to do you can help your family and others in your area.



I live in California and recently we had a huge rain storm a few weeks ago and it was chaos. No one can drive in the rain on Southern California freeways. During this huge rain storm  I didn’t even go to work one because there were 15 freeway Sig Alerts due to the of the rain.


I also couldn’t even buy dog food because the Target I usually use was flooded as well. Just because you might not have experienced a flood first hand doesn’t mean you want face one in the future.

Here are some things you should know flooding:

“Anywhere it rains, it can flood. A flood is a general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by water or mudflow.”

During A Flood

  1. Evacuate to higher ground if you can, if not go to the highest floor in your house like the attic.
  2. Don’t attempt to walk or drive through flowing streams as you might get swept away.
  3. Listen to news reports on the radio and stay informed on any updates regarding weather changes.

After a Flood

  1. Return home when the flood water has receded and the authorities say its safe for you to go home.
  2. Take pictures of your house flood damage and file a claim with your insurance.
  3. Remove all wet items from your house to prevent mold growth.



Fires are a common occurrence in Southern California just this year alone the has been  fires. California even has its own website Cal Fire that lists all fires that happen through out the year and how many aces were burned and containment percentages of each fire. Check out the GeoMAC Wildfire Map which lists all the current fires actively burning in the United States.

Here are some things you should know about Wildfire:

During  a Wildfire

  1. Know what your fire danger is based on where you life.todays-fire-danger-park-sign
  2. Remove any flammable material like wood or brush at lest 30 feet away from your house. Also,
  3. Listen to news reports on the television, radio or the internet.
  4. Be prepared to evacuate if authorities order it. Make sure to load up any valuables or supplies before hand.
  5. Call 911 if you see a fire.

After a Wildfire

  1. Return home after it is safe to and the fire is contained.
  2. Keep gutters and roof free of debris.
  3. Restock or build a survival kit for the next possible disaster.
  4. If your house was damaged in the fire take pictures for insurance purposes.



Hurricanes are strong storms that can be life-threatening as well as cause serious property-threatening hazards such as flooding, storm surge, high winds and tornadoes.”

Here are some things you should know about Hurricanes:

Before a Hurricane

  1. Know the difference between a Hurricane Watch and a Hurricane Warning.


  1. Board up windows and secure outdoor objects or furniture.
  2. Make sure you have enough food and water for each family member.
  3. Leave low lying flood areas if possible and seek shelter.

During a Hurricane

  1. Pay attention to weather reports and get updates.
  2. Let family members know where you are staying.
  3. Stay away from windows and remain indoors to avoid winds and rain.
  4. Evacuate if you the authorities issue an evacuation.

After a Hurricane

  1. Return home after it is safe to and avoid any downed power lines or debris in your neighborhood.
  2. Listen to news reports for you area to stay informed on any changes.
  3. Restock or build a survival kit for the next possible disaster.
  4. If your house was damaged in a hurricane take pictures for insurance purposes.


Power Outage

Anyone who has electric in their homes has experienced at least one power outage in their life. I think its always a good reminder to know what to do when you have no power. We live in such a digital world I always try to be prepared with books for entertainment because after you use all your charge on your phone you won’t be able to charge your phone.

Here are some things you should know about Power Outages: 

During a Power Outage

  1. Keep your fridge and freeze closed to keep food cold.
  2. Use flashlights for light source to see instead of candles to prevent a fire.
  3. Depending on your climate if its hot  during a power outage stay cool by staying inside or seeking a cooling shelter in your area if possible. If you are live in a colder climate stay warm during a power outage by putting on extra clothes and using blankets.

After a Power Outage

  1. Throw away any spoil foods.
  2. Restock or build a survival kit for the next possible disaster.

“America’s PrepareAthon! is a grassroots campaign for action to increase community preparedness and resilience. Join others around the country to practice your preparedness!”

National PrepareAthon! Day  is September 30th .

A Message from the DOD
DoD Pushes for Preparedness in September

Here is a great blog I found with tons of resources for you and your family.


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Are you prepared for a natural disaster

What are you doing to this month to be prepared? Leave a comment below!

5 Things I Learned in my First Year as a Milspouse Blogger


Blogging is a creative process just as anything else is from painting to drawing. As a painter, artist, or blogger  you begin with a blank canvas or paper and fill it with your soul. How you are feeling in any given moment and what you want to share with the world. Every creative mind shares and expresses their art differently for me instead of stoking a paint brush or using a pencil to draw I craft my art while sitting, typing away, using words to take my audience on an adventure. I love creating a warm and welcoming place for my audience.


Recently, I have been thinking, reevaluating my blog and what I want to write about. I love writing. I love words. I love sharing my ideas and helping others. However, I do want to write broaden the subjects that I write about and share my experiences. I had been scowling at the internet and Pinterest for ideas on what to write about for the average 30 somethings.  Most often, I think I may get too caught up in my life. I probably don’t take enough time to capture what it is I’m thinking about.


2013 was a big year for me, I was able to publish my poetry book and it’s available on Amazon right now. I also got married and attempted my first go around with blogging. I started blogging about RV-ing in Southern California. It was one of my hair brained ideas – I wanted to live in an RV. I watched all those tiny house shows on TLC and I desperately wanted to downsize and save money. My wife followed me down this crazy road from living in a house to purchasing an RV. Of course it was amazing content and I wrote about it all. The problem was we couldn’t quality for a loan to get an RV. So after sharing my experience I stopped blogging about RV-ing because at the time there was no way we could purchase an RV.


Although time passed I still wanted to blog. My passion is writing and helping others. In 2015 my wife decided she would like to reenlist in the Army. Of course the wheels in my brain started turning. I decided I wanted to know everything about military life. I wanted to support my wife in her journey back into the Army. The only thing was I couldn’t find websites specifically aimed at lesbians in the military. I didn’t despair I just Googled my little heart and bought any book that interested my about being a military wife.


I was along for the ride as my wife continued the process of reenlisting in the Army. I wished there were more blogs or websites about lesbians in the military and their stories. I found a few wonderful websites, but not exactly what I wanted. Since I was between blogs I decided to create a blog and website to help share my story about being a lesbian army wife and what it was all about.


Blogging is a wonderful undertaking for those who want to share and create content for the world. I encourage you to blog or keep blogging if you feel like giving up. Blogging can a lot of research on your chosen topic. There are days you don’t want to write or wonder why you are writing or ask yourself does it matter what I have to say? Is anyone listening? I can guarantee you someone right now is benefiting from my experiences, why not yours? Remember, its about never giving up if you are behind. I really wish I could be 3 or 4 posts ahead of myself instead of 3 to 4 post behind, but that’s okay. That’s for another day and another blog post. I keep writing every day. I keep trying and I do what I love.

Blog your heart out!

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This is what you should know when tragedy strikes

1a strikes milspouse

When national tragedies occur the aftermath can still be lasting whether you live near of far away from the tragedy at hand. Everywhere we turn it seems we are constantly reminded of the tragedy and the loss of life from news reports on the television or on the radio to social media feeds.

As a military wife it can be alarming and shocking when national tragedies happen like the 2015 Chattanooga Shootings which occurred at several recruiting offices in Tennessee to the Boston Marathon Bombings to last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris, France. Your heart hurts for those who have been lost and your heart hurts for your soldier who protects our country. As human nature kicks in we tend to overthink things and go to the worst case. However, it’s better to know what to do when tragedy happens.

What should you do when tragedy strikes?

Remain Calm


It’s important to remain calm and not panic when a tragedy strikes. Wait, until you know all the details of what’s going on before making decision of what you need to do in your area. Look to the media for information and announcements or instructions provided. Your local communities are wonderful resources to help unite everyone in difficult times.

Take Care of Yourself

Happy lesbian couple makes a dinner in the kitchen horizon format ** Note: Shallow depth of field

Remember it’s okay if you take a “news break” and come down from negative or ongoing coverage of an event. Long exposure to news coverage of a tragedy can increase fears and cause unneeded stress and anxiety. Get back in the rhythm of your life, take time to do all the things you usually do and find the balance. Try not to get too overwhelmed or obsessed with watching every update regarding an event. Take time to rest and don’t over think things that have not happened. Spend time with your family and enjoy the small things you love.

Use your Support System

friends-842580_1280 (2)

When tragedy strikes even if it isn’t close by; it can still affect you. Don’t go it alone, take time to talk with your friends or close family members who you trust. Talk about how you are feeling regarding the tragedy share you sadness, grief, or anger. It’s always helpful to acknowledge what happened to begin the process of healing no matter if you’re feeling helpless, in disbelief, or having feelings of sorrow.

Take Action and Focus on What you can do


Being social helps the healing process whether a tragedy happens near or far. Social media in the recent years has helped people from all over the world come together and support each other when tragedy strikes. I’m a writing this blog to share tips to help others. In turn writing about tragedies helps me feel connected and like I am doing something even if it’s writing a small blog post about the topic. Contribute in any way you feel can make a difference if you can and want to.

You can take action when tragedy strikes afterward by participating in activities like moments of silence or ceremonies to commentate those who have been lost. Donating to charities specifically set up for the victims of a tragedy is another way to be involved. Lastly, you can volunteer in your local community to educate others about how to cope when tragedy strikes.

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This is what you should know when tragedy strikes

What do you do to cope when tragedy strikes? Leave a comment and share you thoughts.


10 Super Easy ways to Stay Safe when you Live Alone

So, your spouse is deployed or is training away from home. Now, you are on your own at home – alone. What do you need to know about personal safety when living alone? There are many things your can do to be secure and safe.

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.” Jodi Rell

I have listed 10 super easy ways to stay safe when you live alone.

  1.  Your phone is your best friend
    • Keep your phone handy and charged all the time you never know when one call could save your life.
    • Limit social media status when out to avoid the wrong person from knowing your comings and goings.
    • girl-925284_1280
  2. Be alert around your house
    • Use a peephole or chain on the door if you have one to protect yourself of unwanted attacks.
    • Keep windows locked when not in use and curtains closed at night. Privacy is very important when living alone not to mention you don’t want to advertise you live alone.
    • Make sure your mailbox only lists your first initial and your last name.
    • Add a pair of big boots near your front door to appear like some else lives with you.chair-690341_1280
  3. Install a Home Security
    • Buy motion sensor lights and or outside cameras.
    • Outdoor lights make it less temping for someone to break in.
    • away-232077_1280
  4. Meet your Neighbors
    • Whether you live on base or off introduce yourself to your neighbors that way you can create a neighborly friendship. Your neighbors could save your life one day so meet them.
    • Its important to know neighbors everyday habits and what kind of cars they drive to catch any usual activity.
    • Research crime near your home so you know what to expect. You can also join a local Facebook community group to find out the happenings of your area. Its always good to be informed and aware of what’s going on near you.summer-895943_1280
  5. Lock It Up
    • Make sure your locks are secure on all doors, windows, and gates that lead to your yard.
    • If you have a sliding glass door make sure you have a bar at the bottom for added protection.france-849459_1280
  6. Protect your house keys
    • Do not hiding key in the front entry way of your house a bugler could easily find your key.
    • Only give extra keys out to those you trust.keychain-453500_1280
  7. Run errands during the day
    • Avoiding unnecessary trips out during night hours will keep you safer with less chance to run into danger.
    • Always use common sense when leaving your house at night keep your keys in your hand and unlock your car door just as you get to your parking area or space.people-768551_1280
  8. Get a Pet
    • A dog is always a great pet to have when living alone.
    • Dogs have very good hearing and can bark to alert you of intruders. rottweiler-869007_1280
  9. Stay in touch with near by family or friends
    • Do not be home alone if a stranger from a company has to stop by.
    • Invite family or friends over regularly to keep your house lively and full with people. This creates an illusion that you don’t live alone.
    • Ask friend or family member to be an ally for instances when you feel unsafe home alone and need someone to come over.
    • planting-865294_1280
  10. Purchase a Weapon
    • If you feel comfortable for added protection buy a can of pepper spray, keep a knife handy or purchase a gun.
    • girl-605710_1280

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10 Super Easy ways to Stay Safe when you Live Alone

What are your tricks for staying safe when living alone? Leave a comment.