Last minute Lesbian Valentine’s Day gift Guide


Valentine’s day is just around the corner, so I thought I’d put together a gift guide, if you waited until the last minute to pick something up for your special lady. I love all holidays but find Valentine’s Day to be the perfect day to show and feel love. Sure some think Valentine’s Day was created by corporations to take our money but I feel like Valentine’s Day is to give and receive.

Yes, of  course Valentine’s Day is just one day and nothing you do or say on Valentines day can make up for the all year rounds of taking out the trash or doing the dishes without being asked. Laughing at dumb movies or inside jokes you have. Or just a spur of the moment “I love you, I’m grateful for you, I appreciate you.” A loving relationship that actually works take showing you care and love for each other every day not just one day. But Valentine’s day is fun too! Gifts are also nice too.

My Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is based on some lesbian labels and basic types of personalities you found out there. Although, I have group and label gifts feel free to buy one gift of different gifts based on taste. This gift guide is here to help inspire and get your lady the perfect gift.



Fem Lesbian

  1. Sexy Valentines Day Basket
  2. Cute Purse 
  3. Fashion Watch
  4. Perfume
  5. Traditional Flowers 
  6. Jewelry 
  7. Make-up 





Butch Lesbian

  1. Cologne 
  2. Record Player
  3. Men or Unisex Skin Care
  4. Stylish Sunglasses
  5. New Kicks 
  6. Pomade or Hair-styling products
  7. Gaming consul or New Game 





Hippie Spiritual Lesbian

  1. Soulful Inspired Necklace
  2. Chakra Stones
  3. Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp
  4. Relaxing Candles or Incense
  5. Positive Cozy Throw 
  6. Spiritual Book
  7. Mediation Bracelet 





Foodie Lesbian

  1. Trendy New Cook Book
  2. Cast Iron Pans
  3. Chocolates
  4. Editable Arrangement 
  5. Cheese Board 
  6. Professional mixer 
  7. Cooking Utensils  



Animal Lover Lesbian

  1. Tickets to the Zoo or other Animal themed Show
  2. Animal backpack or purse
  3. Dog Travel Pillow 
  4. Amazing Animal Coffee Cups
  5. Polar Bear Robe
  6. Favorite Animal Shaped Candles
  7. Warm Tiger or Wolf Comforter 





Military Lesbian

  1. G Shock Watch
  2. Water proof note book
  3. Military Themed Hoodie or Jacket
  4. Frame Military Inspired Photo or Photo Books
  5. 5 Love Languages: Military Edition
  6. Deployment Jewelry
  7. Bullet Beer Can Opener




Athletic Lesbian

  1. Smart Water Bottle
  2. New Sports Bra
  3. Wireless Headphones
  4. GoFit Gravity Straps Set, Black
  5. On the go Gym Bag
  6. Stylish Active-ware or Running Shoes 
  7. Kettlebell



Hipster Lesbian

  1. Beanies or Hats
  2. Fun T-Shirt
  3. Messenger Bag
  4. Try going a local Brewery 
  5. Leather Bracelets
  6. Travel Coffee Mug
  7. Plaid Jacket



Artistic Lesbian

  1. Adult Coloring Book
  2. Bookish Bracelet
  3. Deluxe Sketching Kit
  4. Artful Socks
  5. Instant Print Camera
  6. Customized Notebook
  7. Organizational Supply Tote

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25 of the Best Military Spouse Twitter Feeds to Follow


Updated 12/29/2016

We live in an age where technology has slowly be steady become an intricate part our life from the moment we wake we reach for the phone and check messages and then the days starts.  I feel as a military spouse you have lots of things going on from family to work to friends to your spouse. It’s a constant battle to find relevant information quickly and easily.

Wikipedia states “Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called “tweets”.”  I like the fact that Twitter is short and simple you get the meat of topics right away. I also think when you are tweeting you have to be concise as well about what you are sharing or saying.“I am on Twitter, and the people I choose to follow on Twitter give me the information I need the instant it happens.” – From blog post Be one of the first to know



It took me awhile to try Twitter. I didn’t get it. I thought it was pointless at first. However, when I began blogging I realized I needed to be more open-minded and check what Twitter was all about. I actually came to find over time I really liked Twitter. It’s different from other forms of social media and made it possible to get information fast and share it tons of people at once. Twitter has given me the ability to connect with other Military Spouses in an instant. I can check my feed share a quick thought or article or blog post.

I love seeing what other military spouses think and I see I am not the only one who deals with certain things. I also like knowing the latest news and what resources are available to me.I wanted to share my favorite Twitter Feeds with you in case you are new to Twitter or a newbie who is looking for vital information to help navigate your new life as a military spouse.

Here is my list of 25 Best Military Spouse Twitter Feeds to Follow:

Military Spouse Websites and Blogs

  1. @ArmyWifeNetwork


About: AWN is a grass-roots effort for #militaryspouse empowerment and support. Valuable resources, podcasts, blogs, and columns for the #Armywife & #milso. Join us!


  1. @Armywife101


About: Krystel S. Head of Brand Outreach@MSBNewMedia Creator of Popular Lifestyle blog for #Milspouse. Former French Fry and Cupcake Snob!


  1. @KaylaRoof


About: I help ambitious military spouses start their own businesses that can move with them to each duty station.




About: I write about life as the home front to a deployed service member. I was well prepared and it was still nothing like I expected.


  1. @HeatherGoffrier


About: #Navywife & #toddlermom sharing military deployment tips, care package ideas, parenting/fertility stories & encouragement. #Milspouse blogger


  1. @NextGenMilSo


About: THE site for #millennial #milspouse &#MilSo. Because the last thing you are is dependent. Lifestyle, careers, & trending news for the #military community.


  1. @Jdavis55


About: Motivational Speaker, Author, Lifestyle Blogger. Military Life & Teen Suicide Prevention Expert, @LiveThruCrisis CEO LOVE to laugh & help others. #Milspouse


  1. @SoldiersWifeCL


About: Military spouse blogger, photographer, writer, avid reader, social media lover, mom to 3 boys, wife of 13 years, living in Tennessee, dreaming of California.


  1. @JoMyGosh


About: Stories & advice that feel like coming home. Relationships (including long distance and military), care packages, DIYs, recipes, & the things that matter.




  1. @LGBTMilPartners


About: The American Military Partner Association (AMPA) is the nation’s organization of partners, spouses, families, & allies of #LGBT #military &#veterans#MilFams




About: Your Military Health Plan – Serving Uniformed Service members, retirees and their families worldwide.


12.  @MilSpouseMag


About: Military Spouse – Simplifying your crazy, wonderful military life. Join our amazing#militaryspouse community! Welcome to the family.


  1. @Military1Source


About: Offering resources, referrals, consultations and counseling services on the issues that concern military families; 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year. 1-800-342-9647


  1. @SupportMilSps


About: To applaud the brave military spouses who shoulder responsibilities of family, employment, finances, wounded warrior care, and the honoring of fallen heroes.


  1. @MilResource


About: Supports MilSpouse projects. Learning something new every day. Wine,Yoga & Books – my favorite! War Eagle!


  1. @HomefrontUinted


About: We are all one #military family. Official Network for National Guard and Reserve families.


  1. @military_family


About: The National Military Family Association tweets! Find us on Facebook at  or read our blog at h:// .


Education and Career

  1. @salutetospouses


About: SalutetoSpouses is the new go-to resource for education and career news for military spouses.



Military Spouse Groups



About: I’m passionate about helping people.  Whether it’s a personal goal, or learning how to work together as a couple or team- I help people build strong, balanced relationships with themselves and others.


  1. @SpouseBUZZ


About: Military spouses using keyboards to provide virtual support, and the friendly skies to tour military bases/posts to bring some fun & laughs to other milspouses


  1. @SpouseLinkOrg


About: ™ links military spouses together with informative, supportive and inspiring Web content.


Discounts and Benefits

  1. @TroopID


About: Troop ID works with brands to enable verified members of the military & their families to access their military discounts online & earn cash back at @IDme.


  1. @MilBenefits


About: Military Benefits information for active duty, veterans, reserves, military spouses and families. A non-government, privately sponsored account.


PCS Move Resources

  1. @gomillie_com


About: MILLLIE is standing by to help military families move with a network of people who’ve been in your shoes, and are ready to help you before, during and after your PCS.


  1. @pcslodging


About: PCS-Lodging provides easy access to lodging in and around U.S. Military Bases. We also are a source for military travel related news. A Military By Owner company.


Of Course Follow me!!



About: A place where Lesbian Army & Military Wives can find helpful tips & resources. Also, learn about benefits & their new life as a Milspouse!

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10 Military Spouse Secrets that will make you Ready for Anything


Everyone loves a good secret because who doesn’t want to know the what’s going on? I know that I am always looking for good advice on life, love and everything in between. Being a military spouse means there will be times you need advice or need a secret or two to help you on your way. I want to share some secrets with you. Most often we go about our lives and forget what matters. We may even forget there is a path  we can take with the least resistance.

5 Secrets for getting along with your spouse

Instead of “being flexible,” be adaptable 


Being flexible means to endure situation without breaking so there could be a chance you break. However, when you are adaptable you learn a new way of dealing with hard situation in a new way without chancing a break. Maybe instead of saying to your spouse “Call me whenever you can” say “Make it a point to communicate with me.”

When it comes to being a spouse especially being a military spouse being able to be adjust to things, people or places is a must. Whether your spouse is on a training or mission and deployed your spouse is under a tremendous amount of pressure on a daily basis. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Realize that something’s are a part of the job and not a reflection of your spouse.


Be willing to forgive


Forgiveness in any relationship is a must. It can be hard to forgive or admit that you were wrong. Keep in mind, forgiveness helps you and your spouse to move on from the situation to a more balanced emotional state of mind. No one is perfect and forgiveness is even more important in a military relationship. Forgiveness is twofold first you are able to let go of negative feelings and second you are able to grow and learn within your relationship.


Be ready to communicate


Communication expressing yourself through talking to your spouse, but also the way you talk to your spouse. I know I have been guilty of using a bitchy tone with my wife. It doesn’t help us connect or feel close to each other. Tone matters when you are speaking or expressing yourself to your spouse. Words and how you say them are powerful and so are emotions. Find the balance in how you communicate with your spouse.


Be understanding


I believe being understanding means being able to know when your spouse is tired or happy or hangry. Understanding mean putting yourself in your spouses shoes. It also means realizing not everything your spouse says or does is personal. I think being able to be understanding gives you the edge to see the situation through your spouses eyes instead of just your own. Yes, at times it can be hard to see it their way but of course everyone has and opinion and different thoughts about things. Keep your heart open and listen to your spouse a little more.


Be kind


There is a lot to be said about simply being kind to your spouse. Maybe they missed your call or your spouse hasn’t emailed or written back to you as quickly as you would like. When you do get a chance to talk with your spouse be kind. Its all about the approach you take to get the response you need.

Kindness is the act of being considerate of the other person’s feeling while being generous in the manner in which you interact. Being kind can go a long way when it comes to the interactions you have with your spouse and can help eliminated future arguments. You can be kind it just takes a second to practice.

When in a military relationship, you have to remember if you spouse comes home grumpy and doesn’t want to talk about work that day is okay. Recently, my wife came home and was frustrated about her rank in time and the promotion she was suppose to receive. however once her unit looked into her service everything worked out. If you are in a situation where you can seem to connect with your spouse give your spouse space, time and opportunities to talk on their own about what happened in their day.

5 Secrets for you

Be open to new things and people


In military life might more often than you would chose to or switch jobs more frequency than you might like. Military life is full of surprises, opportunity and you learn how strong you are as a person. Its important to be positive in any new atmosphere you are in. Look at your cup as half full instead of half empty. There are gonna be time when you need someone other than your spouse or family to confide in.

Be open to new coworker or other spouses where ever you are stationed. Look for ways to connect with your community like participating in local charities or food drive or check out a FRG meeting.


Be prepared to ask if you don’t know something


Military life is daunting, its okay to ask questions or talk to others if you are frustrated or upset or just plain happy. There will be times you need to confide in others like friends, acquaintances or co-workers about what’s going on in your life. Take a good look around and see what you need help with. The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask. I really love knowing everything. I also ask or research and try and find the answer.


Instead of “staying busy,” Be okay to be alone


Remember its okay to be alone, but try to find ways to beat loneliness while your spouse serving their country. Let go of unattainable or unrealistic ideas of what it means to be alone. Take the time when your spouse is away to discover who you are, what you want out of life, and spend time with friends and family. Why not do all those things you have been meaning to do? And I don’t mean cleaning.


Instead of “bloom where your planted”, Be true to yourself

Be true to yourself


Be who you are, do what you enjoy. Don’t lose sight of what make you happy and what makes you passionate. I love reading. (Harry Potter is awesome just saying) I love cutting hair and I love working. My family and friends are important to me and  I enjoy spending quality time with them. Being able to be your true self means not letting your circumstance cloud what makes you happy and makes you who you are.


Be healthy


Focus on taking care of yourself because no one else will. Be healthy from the inside out. Learn to eat better, sleep well, stress less and find peace. Military life can throw you a bunch of curve balls and you need to be emotionally and physically fit to hand all the stresses that can come your way.  Exercise in whatever way make you feel good about yourself whether that is by doing yoga, running at the gym or just going out into nature and walking. Always find a way to see the good in all things.


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50 to the Point blog posts for any Milspouse who need Advice


I have been blogging about being a Military Spouse for more than a year. I thought I would give a list of all my favorite blog posts in case you missed any. Sometimes you need a little nudge or perspective from another fellow military spouse.  The unique thing about my blog is I am a lesbian army wife.  I am blogging about my experiences and life. Its been over just a year since the United States Supreme Court ruled that states banning same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. Therefore, there is still so much uncharted territory for LGBT military spouses. I am here to help you fine resources, tips, and advice.

I feel it is important to share stories, connect, and relate with others. Maybe being a military spouse wasn’t what you a dreamed of or thought of, but you are living proof of how wonderful this life is and how grand the United States of America is. Your spouse is among the top 1% of brave military personnel who protect this great county. Sometimes having the military apart of your life can bring you amazing benefits and experience you might not have had; yet, can leave you questioning what your role is.

Here is the big list of blog posts to read when you need advice.


Best Blog Posts


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The Ultimate Savings Cheat Sheet for the Holidays

5 Ways to Ensure a Secure Online Experience


Undiscovered Posts


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Improve Your Fitness Regime Right Now


Most Useful Blog Posts


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Are you prepared for a natural disaster?


Favorite Blog Posts


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Popular Posts


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25 of the Best Military Spouse Twitter Feeds to Follow

15 of the best Military Spouse Websites you need to know about

This is the One Ultimate Quick Fix for Overcoming Loneliness

5 of the Most Blazing Milspouse Vloggers to catch up with


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Breathtaking Photo Ideas for Lesbian Military Weddings

Breathtaking Photo Ideas for Lesbian Military Weddings 1

Life is full of wonderful times, engagements and wedding are among the most wonderful of times. Maybe you just got engaged or are about to start planning your military wedding. I remember when me and my wife decided to get married. We had dated for two year and at the time of us wanting to get married, proposition 8 was still in effect in California. Which was a law that banned same sex married in California it stated  marriage was between a man and a women. My wife and I decided to protect as many rights as we could, at the time, we got a domestic partnership. Once proposition 8 was overturned my wife applied for our marriage license and got married in our local court house a few months later.

There are tons of things that go into making your wedding just the way you want it. I know for me photos are a wonderful way to remember a happy moment. Photos help commemorate your special moments that last a live time. I keep mine and my wife’s wedding photo above our television in the living room. It awesome to have that memory front and center especially when things come up.

Check out this awesomely cute Lesbian Military Wedding Photos.


Wedding Photos



Cheryl and Abi’s Wedding Day in Illinois.



Stacey and Genevieve’s beach wedding




Ryan DeMelis Wedding

Terry and Loriann wedding photos at Saint Clement’s Castle in Portland, Connecticut.



Maggie and Lillian were married in New York.





Tanner and Dana share their first glimpse of each other before their wedding ceremony in Omaha, Nebraska.



Makenna and Yvonne’s wedding with friends at Guemes Island Resort in Guemes Island, Washington.





A Sweet Military Wedding



Denise Lancaster and Mary Miller’s wedding day





Kimme and Marie Wedding Day



Kim and Sarah’s Wedding Ceremony




Dayna Murphy, left, and Shannon St. Germain pose on their wedding day


Here are some more Amazing Lesbian Wedding Photos to inspire you




Dea and Morgan’s Wedding Day



Sabrina and Moira’s Wedding Ceremony


Resources for your wedding!


Steph Grant is giving away one FREE LGBT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY package in 2016 to celebrate marriage equality in the US. The contest will be held on Instagram.







*Note: All picture in this post belong to their respective owners. I do not claim to own any pictures. If you do not want you photo on my blog please email me.

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Breathtaking Photo Ideas for Lesbian Military Weddings

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Do you want to share your Journey as a Military Spouse?


Do you have a unique Military story you want to share? Here is your chance, email me at and we can make this happen.

Share with the world your journey!

You are the author of your life and I would love to help you share it with the world. Be creative, bold and have fun!

Post Submission Rules:

  • Post must be between 500-1200 words
  • Post must include 1-4 photos
  • Post cannot break any copyright laws
  • Post must include a bio and head-shot
  • Post must be ready for publication…. make sure to edit and proof read
  • Post must be written exclusively for OMG Lesbian Army Wife and cannot have been published anywhere else online.

Blog post will be posted within 24-72 hours depending on if post meet all requirements. Remember to be genuine and be who you are.

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Making military Reintegration a more Peaceful Time

Two girls having a rest in autumn park

Every military relationship is different, every couple is unique and has different needs. If you and your spouse have been separated by deployment you learn to accept a new reality. In the beginning you cry and grieve for your spouse not being with you, after a while you accept the circumstance of your spouse’s job and eventually you begin to create your own routines and life your life while your spouse is gone. No one really tells you that after the initial homecoming things might not be so easy or pretty like in movies or on television shows.

Despite how happy your spouse is to return to you, he or she will probably come home exhausted, anxious, jetlagged, emotionally overwhelmed, and quite possibly with a huge to-do list from work.” – says Raleigh Duttweiler from Here’s What You Need to Know About Reintegration

There is a whole process when it comes to having your spouse gone for an extended amount of time then have them return home. No one really talks about how to deal with your emotions when your spouse comes back into your life and somewhat interrupting your new normal. Sometimes reconnecting with your spouse after a deployment when you have come to have your own sense of independence can be hard.

What is military reintegration?

Deployment is all about survival without your spouse and reintegration is survival while you spouse is around. I think after being away from your spouse for an extending period can temporarily strain the relationship when come back together again.

Reactions to the return of the deployed service member can vary wildly; some spouses report not having to adjust at all during reintegration while others report that their deployed partner is no longer the same person they knew previously, making for a rather difficult adjustment.” Says Lydia I. Marek from Returning Home

It’s great to know a little bit about the psyche of your military spouse when coming back from a deployment. Here are some quick suggestions to reference to help you open up with your spouse.

Reintegration for Service Member – What its feel like

It’s hard to share personal thoughts or feelings.

Home front spouse: Ask questions, but don’t expect answers right away. You know your spouse better than anyone. Let your spouse come to you, give them time, and don’t expect the world from them.

It’s hard to keep up longtime friends not in the military.

Home front spouse: Talk to your spouse and see if they want to connect with friends in person. Or suggest that your spouse text or call one of their friends they haven’t seen in a while.

It’s hard to find a since of belonging in a civilian world.

Home front spouse: Sometimes the civilian world is crazy and sometimes your spouse can’t deal with everything going on. However, plan to go to community events like movies or music in the park. See a local comedian or try a new restaurant.

It’s hard to taking care of health: mental and physical issues.

Home front spouse: Help your spouse to seek medical attention if necessary in your situation.

Reintegration for Home front Spouse – What its feel like

It’s hard to keep from worrying about the next deployment.

Service Member: Remember your spouse loves you and has missed you. Help your spouse focus on the present moment with you.

It’s hard to figure out who turn to for advice.

Service Member: Offer suggestions to your spouse on who they could talk to such as family members, friends or other military spouses they could get advice from.

It’s hard to deal with deployed spouse’s moods or frame of mind.

Service Member: You may be going through a lot yourself, however both you and your spouse need to love each other extra during this time. Lean on one another and know you are not alone in the situation at hand. Try to open with your spouse about things and avoid isolation.

It’s hard to fit deployed spouse back into our home routine.

Service Member: Of course you want to relax and don’t want to interrupt what your spouse’s routine but ask if your spouse needs help with stuff around the house. Helping out around the house can give you something to do and support your spouse in more ways you can imagine.

Being part of a military marriage is a wonderful thing and may be hard sometimes. Remember, its best to realize you and your spouse might argue or disagree on things but it is okay even normal.

“By altering my expectations, opening the lines of communication, and allowing us time to adjust, I was able to see reintegration from a different perspective and to view it as a rare opportunity to fall in love.” – Wife on the Roller Coaster

It’s up to you and spouse to begin the process of reconnecting and communicating. Do things you love to do; together. Get dressed up and go on a date or just chill and watch Netflix. Whatever it maybe, do things that bring you together.

All it takes to connect again is a little time and a little love.


Check out these awesome blog posts:


1amilitary-family-reintegration-2 (1)



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