14 Fabulous Fall Themed Care Packages


Fall is here today. It’s September 22, 2017 its officially fall! Now you can start creating those crafty fall care packages. If you spouse significant other is deployed they will probably be miss all the comforters of home, especially during fall when football is getting back into full swing, the weather is cooling off and all the fun holidays are coming up. I am excited for fall and hope you are inspired.

Send a care package to your spouse and give them a taste of home even if they are far from home.

Also, this is a great time of the year to reach out to other solider who might not have a family or not support from home. There are wonderful out reach groups like Operation Gratitude or Homefront Hugs USA where you can volunteer to assemble care packages. You can also donate items to help create care packages to our troops. Consider participating in letter writing to deployed troops, veterans or wounded warriors.

The little reminders of home can lift your soldiers spirits.

Check this fabulous fall list of care packages to get your creative side flowing. Also, at the bottom see some suggestions to send your spouse or significant other during fall.

1. I’m still falling for you after all this time



2. Fall Is Here



3. Football is here

Football care package


4. It’s Fall Y’all get a little country

Its Fall Y'all


5. ‘Owl’ miss you!



6. Happy Fall yummy snacks



7. Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice that’s what Fall is made of



8. I’m Nuts about you



9. September – Happy Fall Baby

Happy fall care package


10. ‘Owl’ love you



11. I’d fall for you every time

I'd fall for you every time care package

12. I miss you! Happy Fall!

I miss you Happy Fall care package


13. I hunted down everything that makes me think of you



14. Can’t wait to fall back in you arms



Fall Themed items for Care Packages:





















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What fall theme care packages have you created? Leave a comment.

The Best Military Deployment Music Playlist Ever

The Best Military Deployment Music Playlist Ever 23

Music is exactly what you need when you are missing your other half. Music can help heal the soul and make you feel whole. I remember all thru my early twenty’s  I was always creating playlists and making CD’s for me to listen in my car. I created music playlist for when I went to the gym, for when I felt sad or happy, or for when I wanted to go out and party. There are so many benefits from listing to music like being able to sleep better, relieve stress, ease physical pain, and music makes you happy!

“Music seems to play an important part in the lives of most people. In the realm of a relationship, it is a key ingredient in any romantic night. Music is powerful in that it can take you back in time to specific moments.” – Tips for Married Couples Dealing With Deployment

As a military spouse now I realized music can help me when cope with military life while my wife is away at training or deployed. I can make playlists and download them on my wife’s phone and we can connect thru music. Sometime we get busy in life and forget about all the little things that help make our world turns. If you are far away you can tell your significant other or spouse to listen to a song. Music is a wonderful way to express how you feel and share what you are feeling.

Here are some great songs to listen to when you are needing extra love.


Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

Mirrors – Justin Timberlake

Earned it (Fifty Shades of Grey) – The Weeknd

Whatever, Whenever by Shakira


Love me like you do – Ellie Goulding

Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

Far Away – Nickelback


Summertime Sadness – Lana del Rey

Meet In The Middle– Diamond Rio

Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Need You Now – Lady Antebellum


All of Me – John Legend

I miss you – Incubus

I would walk 500 miles – The Proclaimers

Wait For You – Elliott Yamin  

No Air – Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown

Remember, no training or deployment is forever it’s only a temporary part of you significant others or spouses job. Keep your head up and stay positive. Make playlists to help you on days when its hard for you.


If you need some more music inspiration check out these other playlists created by other military spouses:

download  Uplifting-and-Strengthening-Playlist1 940216f21c2c571ae18cef56edfd7d6c

CL_DeploymentPlayList 15-Songs-to-lift-a-heavy-heart

What is favorite song when you spouse is deployed? Leave a comment and share your favorite song!

How to Live While your Spouse is Deployed

1 How to Live While your Spouse is Deployed 1

During times when your spouse is deployed its up to you keep the home front in order and take care of yourself. It can feel overwhelming and confusing trying to organize and handle daily life on your own if you are use to your spouse helping out. How do you make sense of you new life without your spouse?

I love this quote by  Winston S. Churchill “It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.” We must rise above and go that extra mile to support our spouse.

Know the cycle of deployment its a Know the cycle of deployment its a very emotional time when your spouse is deployed for you and your family.very emotional time when your spouse is deployed for you and your family. What is the cycle to Deployment?

The Five Stages of Deployment 

deployment-cycle (1)

Its really easily to drift in and out of good time and bad times while you spouse is deployed you could feel proud, lonely, grateful, angry, insecure, happy or guilty.  There might be time when you feel mad because you spouse didn’t response a certain way or used a harsh tone when talking to you. Both you and your spouse are experiencing life together in a situation where trust, understanding and patience are a must. No one is perfect and that’s okay as along as you can figure out how to live while you spouse is deployed.

I found this ready great illustration of what it came feel like for military spouses when their soldier is deployed.


The Five Stages of Deployment for a Military Spouse

  1. Pre-deployment (varies) – You might feel anxious and overwhelmed getting you soldier ready to be deployed. During this time you might be needier or want to spend lots of time with your spouse. You could feel like everything is falling apart but you try and get it together.
  1. Deployment (1st month) – You might be sad or cry missing your soldier and having them away. During this time its okay to be emotional and its okay to feel how you feel.
  1. Sustainment (months 2 thru 5) – You start to find your groove, your new normal living without your spouse. You begin to do the same things you normally did before your spouse deployed.
  1. Re-deployment (last month) – Scrambling to clean the house, to pay the bills, make sure there is food, and make sure you are all cleaned up. Just remember to breathe.
  1. Post-deployment (3-6 months after deployment) Ready for your fairy tale homecoming of your spouse. Just remember to have realistic expectations once your spouse is home.

Here are some key things to remember:

Decide what makes you happy

What makes you happy? Start looking around at your life and figure out what your passion is. Do you want to start or go back to school? If yes then go. There is nothing like living in the present moment. Or do you want to work on a hobby you stopped long ago? I am such a crafter and creator from crocheting and sewing to web design and blogging you name I have done it. Do you want to work or change jobs? Research jobs you would be interested in or apply to new jobs. During the time your spouse is deployed use your time to fulfill your dreams and hopes.

Connect and Talk it out

Communicate with your spouse is a must, make use of handwritten letters for a nogalistic feel, use emails when your spouse is out of reach, use phone calls and text messages to your advantage, or if you can’t stand it try using a webcam to see your spouse. Remember not to stress out too much or worry if you spouse hasn’t been able to contact you. If your spouse seems somewhat distant or lacks the emotion or energy you are used to, keep in mind they are serving our country. There will be times when you spouse cannot tell you everything they are doing on the job for security reasons it part of the job not a reason your spouse doesn’t share certain things with you. Always keep an open mind and positive outlook to keep your heart full of love.

Avoid toxic behaviors 

Deployments are not easy to adjust to and you might not ever fully adjust to the. Nonetheless, that is completely understandable and even normal to feel uneasy, sad, or angry that your spouse is gone. However, try to avoid negative thinking, drinking excessively, and spending a lot of money you might not have. Deployments are only temporary no need to dig yourself into a hole you might not be able to get out of. It’s very easy to sidelined if you isolate or distance yourself from activities or people you enjoy.

Chill and Relax

Take some time for yourself and don’t feel guilty about it: self-care is very important for your overall health. There will be days when you just need to kick up your feet up and drink that beer, margarita or cup of wine regardless of the calorie count for the day. Crack open that book or magazine you have been meaning to read. Binge watch all your favorite shows and have girls night whenever you want with your closes friends and new military spouses. Indulge actions that equal relaxation for you.

Keep Calm and Love Your Solider!


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How do you live while you spouse is deployed? Leave a comment!

How to Create a Blog to cure Deployments Blues

Writing can be used to combat stress or anxiety and even alleviate depression when your spouse is deployed. I have been doing some research and found insightful facts about writing. When you write you are able to release your emotion, express yourself, and you are able to be creative all at once.  At the beginning of your spouse’s deployment you may feel out of sorts. Creating a blog then writing blog posts are promising tasks that can help you think clearer, get rid of all the noise in your head, and help you stop obsessing.

“The act of writing forces you to think about the events that happened during the course of the day. You are no longer involved in the situations which made you angry or sad, and you can clarify what precipitated these events on paper.”

Exploring what blogging has to offer can lead you to positive habits.  One habit would be setting aside quite time to write while slowing down and tuning out technology for a bit. Another habit that you could develop is a talent for researching new topics leading you to learn new thing. No matter where blogging leads you, writing has an artful array of structure helpful for worrying minds. Blog posts always have a story to be told, a sentence to finish and a place for your thoughts. Blogging can give you and outlet to express who you are and it can be done for free.

During your spouse’s deployment there are varying degrees of emotions you will experience as a military wife. What better way to embrace this change in your relationship and life than to document it or write about subjects that make you happy? In this post will give you break down of blogging and how to start your own blog.

Why Blog?

“Blogging requires time, devotion, commitment, and discipline. And just to be clear, those are all good things to embrace – they will help you get the most out of your days and life.”

Think of times when you could write through out your day. How can you add writing into your day? Where can you fit writing into your life now? Can you wake up earlier to write? Can you take 15 or 30 minutes from an activity you do to write? Once you figure out times to write begin thinking about your life as a whole.

Balancing Family, Home & Work

I believe when you are a writer at heart you quench for writing never ceases to end, that’s why you keep writing. Blogging is an extended online way to express your feelings, to hear your own voice and document your thoughts through time. However, depending on your family situation you might find it difficult to write a blog, but it can be done. The house always needs cleaning, laundry doing, beds to be made, meals to be cooked; life happens and one should not neglect family responsibilities. I work full time and commute almost 2 ½ hours to work a day, but I am figuring out how to blog and write.  You have to find the balance in your life to determine when and where you can write.

Key things to decide on before you blog


Decide how much you want to blog whether it’s daily or weekly.  I do better weekly right now that I am starting off. I have a goal in mind to blog posts every few days. If you think about if you just do one blog post a week that’s 52 blogs a year! Can you imagine if you decided to more than 1 blog a week? It’s exhilarating to ponder about the future and what you hope to accomplish. Determine what you want to accomplish up front.


Writing blog entries or posts can be a very satisfying and stimulating endeavor but it takes effort. Roman wasn’t built in a day. It will take time to grow your readerships and audiences but don’t get discouraged there are plenty of resources available to you online.

Where do you start?

Select your Niche

I am blogging for Military Spouses in my free time.  My wife is an Army Veteran and I decided I wanted to start a blog. I wanted to share my experiences, tips and resources for others. I decided to narrow my niche to Lesbians in the Military and decided on the name Lesbian Army Wife.

“Dictionary.com defines a niche as, a distinct segment of a market. Therefore, defining your writing niche means choosing which corner of the writing sky you would like to occupy. Moreover, your niche should be distinct and suitable to you.”

I want to bring awareness and acceptance for LGBTQ Military Spouses. I want to share with everyone. I am always starting new projects and love writing.  Once I began researching my niche I noticed there was much in the way of Military LGBT Blogs. I did come across a few very awesome LGBT Military Spouse support websites.

Decide on a niche or theme to write to help your blog posts go viral. A niche isn’t always necessary for a blog, but if you are writing about a specific topic or themes of ideas having a niche can help you reach your target readers or audience. Examples of niches for military spouses can include topics like the “Milso Experience” or the “Milspouse Mother” or the “Free Milspouse” and the list can go on and on. Every Milspouse connects differently when it comes to who they are and how they became a Milspouse; some stories are similar and some stories are just beginning to unfold. When it comes down to it, whatever topic you relate to or most passion about you can blog about it like gardening, food,  how to save money or do it yourself projects.

I think the most vital aspect to consider when writing a blog or is to read anything you can get your hands on. Reading or viewing other blogs can inspire and assist you in creating a layout or format for your blogging style. By exposing yourself to numerous forms of media you can familiarize yourself with relevant or current topics floating around. Also, exposure can bring a great amount of fluidity to your writing.

Start with a free blog

Decide on a name for your blog and check out this comparison chart of blogging platforms to create your free blog.


Ideas & Organization

Come up with ideas that interest you.  Come up with catchy  blog titles and subtitles that are easy and fun when searching to attract a wide audience range. Pinpoint and research what you will blog about.

Content Idea Generator – Helpful little tool I found when I was Googling to get those ideas flowing for you! Try it out.


Blog Title Generator – This website can give you some ideas for different blog titles.



Blog Title Analyzer – Figure out how to attract more readers with your blog title.



Think about your writing habits now. What type of writer are you?  Remember writing is all about well thought out sentences; there are rules, sentences structures, verbs nouns and adverbs.

blog prewrite

Pre-writing can and will be your best friend. I have been blogging for a few months and I just kind of jumped in and writing with no plan. As I have kept going and blog more and more I realized I do need plan.

I started using this simple layout to help me plan what I want to write in each blog. Basically, it’s just like when you went to school and had to write an essay same rules apply. I feel by planning out what I want to write first help me out. I still believe that in the case but I am slowly realizing having a plan for my writing helps me focus and accomplish more without getting writers block. You just got have to write. You have to feel the writing in your soul so it hits your reader in the heart.

Blogging Tools

Right now, I’m about to go to sleep but I started thinking of ideas and things I wanted to write so I’m using my Scribble App on my android phone while I’m dictating my ideas with my Google microphone translator.

I can quickly document what I’m thinking without distraction. I have the freedom of writing without worrying about spelling or the way a sentence is structured. I will be able to come back to this safe text at a later time and edited. My suggestion is to always use technology when available and when it is beneficial for your writing.

There will be times when writing is best done on the computer, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little help with the use of an app right before bed. It’s also peace of mind and nice to know what you want to write about the next day. Thus breaking any chances of writer’s block that might come along when formulating a new post or finishing an old one. All I have to do tomorrow is a little bit of copying and pasting and editing and press to a new blog post.

Google to the Rescue

I have turned to Google to help with my blogging. I really love Google because I can do everything I want using only Google and it’s free. All you have to do is create an email, which you will probably want to do for your new blog anyways.


Once you have created a Google Email for your blog you have instant access to Google Drive, Google Keep, Google Documents, Google Photos and a Google Calendar. Google Drive is a storage location for all files. Google Keep is a digital sticky note where you can  jot down ideas for your blog on the go and edit later. Google Documents is so great if you don’t have Microsoft on your computer or you can format and edit blog posts fast on any computer.

Writing a Blog

Here is an awesome diagram I found to help you get an idea of how to layout the perfect blog post.

blog post

Check out this awesome “Before Publishing Checklist



The sky is the limit

Social Media is a must to get your blog out into the blog-o-sphere so people know you exist.

Now get to writing and zap your Deployment Blues. Good luck!

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Have you created a blog? Share your story in the comments!

5 Easy Coping Ideas to get you through a Deployment

1music deployment army milspouse

If you have trouble adjusting to the absence of a spouse or partner use the list below to help you get some suggestion on how to cope.

Don’t try to hide your feelings

It’s normal to have feelings of sadness, loneliness, or anger when you’ve spouse is deployed and you are separated.  You don’t have to hide these feelings – that may just make it harder to deal with them. Talk about how you feel with close friend or family members who understand your situation.  Another good thing to do is to  keep a journal or write letters to your spouse or partner to help your heart not feel so heavy during a deployment.

Set some personal goals

Now that you have more time during a deployment period be open to new experiences. Try to find things to look forward to. Life is about change and you have a wonderful opportunity to do things you always wanted to do. Maybe go back to school and finish that degree or if you want something low key just take a local class at a community center. Look for temporary jobs in the area if you want to keep busy or make some extra money. Another great idea is to volunteer for something you are passionate about.

Shape the life you want to live

Try to take up a new hobby like sewing or crocheting, gardening, learn photography, or create a scrap booking club or Meetup. Technology is all around us and there are great books about web design or blogging if you want to dabble. Exercising is always a great thing to add to your daily agenda, look for classes to join and make some friends while you are at it.

Reach out to other Military Spouses

Remember that you are not alone. A good support system is a must during deployments – you need a buddy. Talk to local military wives and plan activities or events with other families who are coping with a deployment. Find a support group through your military community.

Do something special for yourself

Have a spa day, get your hair done, get a manicure or pedicure to relax and unwind.  Rent a movie or cook a meal that your spouse doesn’t enjoy. Make time to read a book you’ve wanted to read, also visit a library or nearby museum you have been meaning to.

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What are you easy coping ideas to get through a deployment? Leave a comment would love to hear from you!