Stunning Lesbian Military Engagement Photo Ideas

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In life there are many wonderful milestones you experience like learning to drive a car, figuring out what career you want to pursue and of course falling into love. We usually go around hoping to find the perfect one to complete us. No all of us usually find that special person the first time around. However, once you finally find that special person, date, and decide you cant live without them comes your engagement. Thanks to the Supreme Ruling legalizing Same-Sex marriage in the US, LGBT Military Families can now plan their engagements or weddings without fear of reprimand or punishment. Check out these amazing lesbian military couples in their engagement photos.


Engagement Photos 


Love reminds you that nothing else matters. ~ Any Bushnell


Cheyenne and Sabryna’s predeployment engagement shoot in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado.


True love stories never have endings.  ~Richard Bach


Belita Lorraine Rojas and Shyanne Miller’s engagement announcement.


Two souls, one heart.  ~French saying used on poesy rings


Katie and Amber’s engagement session in Lancaster, Texas.


True love stories never have endings. ~ Richard Bach


Melissa Jonesan Army Private, based at Fort Hood, Texas, and her fiance, Danielle Nelson.

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.  ~Albert Einstein


Charlotte and Lauren’s engagement in Sliver Springs, Florida.

My whole heart for my whole life. ~ French Saying

+Same+Sex Military Lesbian

Kristen & Rachel’s Engagement Session


We may have started as individuals, but now we are as one. ~ Bryon Pulsifer


Katie & Bethany ❤️


Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
– Franklin P. Jones


Sarah Jo is going to be one of the first lesbian Chaplains in the military and met LaReina online

“Whatever you do… love those who love you.” – Voltaire


Cindy + Jenna’s Hatfield Engagement


“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” – Bill Wilson


She is my rock, my other half, best friend, solider, and now my fiancé!


Other Cute Lesbian Engagement Photo Ideas



Blaire & Kayla?! Lower Greenville Engagement Photos



1 + 1 = Love



Lindsey and Jessie Lake Arrowhead Engagement



Bri & Ronnie’s Long Beach  Engagement Photos



Sam and Emily Beach Engagement Session Honeymoon Island

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Stunning Lesbian Military Engagement Photo Ideas

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Moonlight your way to Romance with Super Easy Date Ideas

African young woman standing on a longboard with support from her friend. Woman learning to ride skateboard in a basketball court.

Dating builds up your relationship and gives you and your spouse a chance to create romance. After you have been married for a while or in along term relationship its important to keep the romance alive. Spending quality time with your significant other than doesn’t involve mundane things like chores and paying bills is important. In a relationship where one or both spouses are in the military dating can sometimes be tricky when it comes to deployments or training when you can’t be near each other. However, it a good idea to take advantage of the time you do have when your spouse is home.

Balancing interests while dating your spouse is also another key way to stay connected and filled in your relationship. Here are some fun super easy date ideas to try out.

Strengthens your friendship

Any relationship you have you must maintain it. When you are married building and maintaining your friendship with your spouse is a must. Here are some active fun ideas to keep your friendship lively.


Date Idea: Try geocaching

Go on a real live treasure hunt  for an adventure. Visit to begin your active.Who knows where you will end up or see?

Reason: Creating a sense of adventure in your relationship keeps the mystery and excited alive.



Date Idea: Seek Nature

Go on a new hike or visit a beach in your local area. Remember must boardwalks near the beach have places where you can rent bicycles and cruise down the beach.

Reason: Taking time to get outside helps you connect with nature and subsequently each other.


Here is a photo of me and my wife Vanessa when we decided to try a Color Fest Run. We had so much fun trying something new together.

Date Idea: Try a themed Run 

Sign up and try participating in Holiday Runs, Mud Runs, Bubble Runs, Color Runs, Night Runs or any kind of run that interest you.

Reason: Being active together with your spouse creates a chance for both of you to encourage each other and accomplish something together.


Rekindle your Romance

Romance isn’t always in the air and being busy with life doesn’t help matters either. Dating your spouse can help you both feel more united and committed. Not to mention you create a sense of “we-ness” that can prove helpful when issues or stress is present.


Date Idea: Make it a Netflix Date Night

Get the popcorn ready and binge on a new show or catch up on a show you already watch together. If you want to get out of the house but don’t want to go to the theater try a local drive-in movie instead.

Reason: You can cozy up with your spouse while watching your favorite movie or show and who know where a simple kiss could lead?



Date Idea: Go to a brewery or winery  

Dating can be one of the spices of life. Why not get some free samples of wine or beer and discover a new treasure in your area? Research you local wineries or brewery and see if they offer tours and learn something new.

Reason: Taking in the lush scenery of a winery could be just the ticket to get a spark of romance in the air.


Create an Environment for Communication 

Communicating is the one key to keeping your relationship secure because you are able to express what you are feeling. Most times amid errands and work and everything in between, it can be hard to whole heartily voice your feelings. However, dating makes it easy to create an environment where you share what your feel with your spouse.


Date Idea: Take in Culture

Check out a free local art walk or museum or visit a farmers market.

Reason: Visiting local art walks or museum bring creativity and new interests you can share and talk about.


Happy young housewife holding grocery shopping checks in kitchen

Date idea: Eat Out or Dine-in

Spontaneity is a great way to keep your spouse on their toes. Get all dressed up and visit that new restaurant you have had your eye on and try it. Feeling a little more low key and chill? Try ordering one of those food boxes that delivery to your house ( like from Hello Fresh or Blue Apron) and cook together.

Reason: Whether you are at home or in a nice restaurant you have a chance to put down your phone and really interact. Creating an environment that make it easy to communicate will keep you and your spouse on the same page.

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1 Moonlight your way to Romance with Super Easy Date Ideas

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6 Quick Tips to Keep the Romance Alive

Woman laughing with perfect teeth while a friend is kissing her with a green background

August is Romance Awareness Month if you didn’t know. Not to mention today is National Kiss and Make Up Day. “Kiss and Make Up Day is a great way to end a spat. Everyone has an argument, a fight, or a tiff once in a while. Family, friends, lovers, no one escapes without an occasional fight.” If you have had an argument with your spouse or significant other today is the perfect day to kiss and makeup. What better way to start or end today than to kiss and make up?

Whether you have been married for only 1 year or 20 years romance is a must to keep the passion and love alive in your relationship. What really is Romance? I am so addicted to facts that I Google everything. Anyways, I came across this definition of romance that I  absolutely love. The definition states that romance is “an emotional attraction or aura belonging to an especially heroic era, adventure, or activity.” Even the definition of romance is romantic.

If you think about the typical relationship today, it consist of love but through digital communication, busy lifestyles with a constant bombardment, and streams of information whether on social media, email or on television. It seems as technology has advanced simple, easy, and free things like romance and chivalry that time has forgotten. It’s time to remember romance while bringing mystery and intrigue back into your relationship. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can wait until tomorrow. Go make memories with your spouse or significant other that you can look back on with a fondness.

Everyone thinks of February and Valentine’s Day as the only time for romance, but should really happen all year long in order to keep things exciting. National Romance month is a wonderful reminder of that. I have done some research for you and I am going to give you 6 quick tips in order to enjoy and infuse your day, week, month, or year with romance.


Listen More

Be present with your spouse or significant other listen to what they have to say. Put the phone down; your full attention should be on them.  Creating a connection can bring you closer and more willing to understand each other. Simply being present next your spouse or significant other connects you.

Talk Truthfully

Share your dreams, fears, and desires be friends. Don’t worry about the stressful things in life when you are trying conversation. No relationship is perfect everything is a work in progress if you want something them more out of your relationship then say so.

Show Appreciation

Whether it’s little favors like filling up their gas tank, doing a chore they hate, or bring them coffee in the morning all those little things add up and show just how much you care about them. 

Learn their Love Language

There are 5 love languages to know about. Take the free test today and find out what your Love Language is.




You can also get the book here if you have more time for reading:



Set the Mood

Make something exotic for dinner just because and get all dressed up. Nothing is more exciting than the unexpected.


Be goofy, laugh and play with with each other because having a positive environment is always more inviting for more. Plus, who doesn’t want to have fun? Go on free date like holding hands while strolling in your neighborhood or nearby park.


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