Weekend Coffee Share: Work Stress


Work can be a filling wonderful thing that makes you money until its not. I want to stay positive but its hard because my boss is leaving at the end of next week. I keep gong over scenarios  in my head of what I will now be responsible for. I definitely need more money.  I feel at a loss not that my boss is leaving. I finally got in the grove with my boss and we were flowing great. Now he is leaving for a better job that will help him and his family. However, I ended up with all the problem that coming up. I know there will be things I can’t do.  I always like to do a good job.


I guess that is were my frustration and anger is really coming from. Is that fact I can’t do everything myself. Plus that fact that I feel like the weight of the world is now on my shoulders. I saw this post on Facebook about writing to heal and you could purchase a class for $25. I figure I can just blog and heal myself. That’s my weekend coffee share.

Advice to keep in mind: Life is never really quite what you expect so be ready.

Update: This week I was able to talk with my HR rep and I feel much better about my whole situation. I think the main thing I learned is don’t stress over things you can change – go with the flow. Its much easier than going against the current.

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What types of stress do you experience at work? Leave a comment and share you thoughts.

Weekend Coffee Share: Milspouse Blogging Adventures


Its official I am a military spouse blogger. I have been writing for a year and and seven months. Writing a blog takes work you have to think of things to write about, how to help others, share your experiences, and connect with your readers. I know for me it can be a lot time consuming work. Ask any blogger who writes. Sometimes I have nothing to write about or can’t finish a post because I don’t have time or don’t feel like it. Other times life happens and I get caught up in everyday things I have to do like cleaning, cooking, working and bettering my relationships with my family.


Blogging is one of the most rewarding thing you can do especially if you are a writer and if are passion about what it is you write about. I try to infuse my life into everything I write about and try to write about what others can learn about. I run my blog and website myself but love every minute of it.

Do you love writing? Do you want to volunteer to write for me? Do you need to share your story or just plain blog about a topic? Then email me and lets talk!


I really haven’t blogged this month and this is okay. I realize that when you blog sometimes you will have months where you have lots post and other months you won’t have too many posts. Writing is in my veins and I am trying to connect and bring about useful meaningful content to my readers. Keep visiting often and keep reading my blog. Love all of you!

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What are your adventures as a blogger? Leave a comment share your thoughts!

Weekend Coffee Share: The Unknown


I am changing the way do things on my blog. I’m a writer, true and true. I’m always looking at ways of how to expand my writing and connect with my readers. So of course, this past week I’ve been on Pinterest pinning my little heart away. Trying to find ideas and get inspired about creating new content for my blog. The internet is full of knowledge just brimming over with information at every corner. Through my Googling and determine pinning I came across a really cool website to help bloggers come up with ideas for their blogs.

There was one such post that caught my eye on the website – #weekendcoffeeshare.

It was sort of a challenge to write every weekend about what you learned the previous week or write about something that matter to you or something that you would share with a friend. I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned this week about being a military wife. I have grown lately as my wife grows in her job as it changes. My wife recently decided to forgo re-enlisting for federal active duty and has taken a job with the State Guard on SAD (state active duty). A little more than a year ago I dove in and started my blog. I realized early on in my researching of how to be the prefect spouse (not that I am the perfect spouse but I aspire to be the best person possible.) I noticed here weren’t too many blogs for lesbians whose spouse was in the military.

I wanted to be the change in my world. Hence my website and blog.

I would say when your spouse joins the military or is in the National Guard/State Guard one thing’s for certain nothing is ever for sure and you’re always waiting. Right now she is waiting for her orders. Once it is official then we can start the process of registering for DEERS and I can decide if I want to go back to school and we can break our lease and move closer to her job.

I think as a military spouse you have to be ok with uncertainty and you have to be okay with the unknown.

At this point my wife is serving in the State military which is part of the National Guard, I think. I am still trying to figure out everything. This week I share with you is  when you’re a military spouse you’re always trying to figure it out and that’s okay. I believe you have to find how to deal with that. The way I have found to deal with uncertainty or the unknown is by blogging – writing. I use my passion writing to keep me sane, to keep me focused, grounded, to keep me going. That’s what I’ve learned this week.

That’s what I want you to know: find out how you deal with uncertainty and keep going, keep learning, keep doing, keep being a great military spouse.

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What are you thoughts? Leave a comment and share what you think!

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