Adopt A Deployed Soldier – This is best you can do today

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Fall is finally here and the winter holiday’s are coming up. There are so many great charities and volunteer programs available for Military Families. Have you been thinking about volunteering?  What if you could make a difference through a letter or care package? Would you do it?

Bring hope, friendship and bring positive energy to a soldier who is deployed through a care package or letter. Writing letters to our soldiers and troops who are deployed you can make a difference and even save a life. Soldiers are defending our nation and sometimes feel lonely during their deployment or depending on the situation might not talk to their families.


A few months ago I wanted to get involved, I want to help or make an impact on soldier or troop. I truly love giving to others because it makes me feel good and it makes me feel connected to others. Occasionally, someone soldiers families are not there is no one there for whatever reason. I try to go about my life and see what I can do give back to others. I try to be someone for people who need someone.


Through my endless Google researching for my blog and website I stumbled across Homefront Hugs USA. It’s a website that allows you to adopt a soldier who is deployed and has requested a pen pal through a deployment to feel connected to home or just make a new friend.

I was matched up with my soldier after I completed an online application. I have be sending care packages and letters for the last few months. I love the letters I get from my soldier and the connection home I can bring to my solider. Its a very satisfying feeling knowing I helping someone just by being there.

City of Austin Distro (Texas Military Forces)

Here are 7 quick tips to help you begin your wonderful journey and adventure writing to a Soldier or Troop who needs moral boosters!

  1.  Sign up with a Letter Writing Organization
  2. Get assigned a Soldier or Troop
  3. Write letters and cards
    • Tips for writing your first letter
      • Write from your heart and keep it positive and uplifting. Share a little bit about yourself and what your interest or hobbies are.
      • Another great way to break the ice when writing your first letter is to thank your solider or troop for their service and share why you wanted to volunteer writing to them.
      • Ask question to engage your soldier in conversation but avert subjects like news reports and politics.
      • Skip sharing personal struggles and negativity.
  4.  Get creative with your care package
    • Personalize your care packages and letters on the seasons, holidays or whatever interests you.
    • Here are my most recent care packages I sent out for my solider this month.
    • IMAG3899 IMAG3901
    • Add snacks, personal items and anything else want.
    • Here is a quick link on how to fill out customs forms for care packages.
    • IMAG4117_1
  5. Send your off your care package or letter and wait
  6. Receive a letter or email back from your Soldier and get to know them, what they need or want.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6! Know you are truly helping someone in need.



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Adopt A Deployed Soldier - This is best you can do today

Have you signed up to write letters to our deployed soldiers or troops? Share you story and leave a comment!

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4 thoughts on “Adopt A Deployed Soldier – This is best you can do today

  1. I volunteer through Soldiers Angels and have adopted several soldiers. It is a great organization and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to support our soldiers.


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