5 More of the Most Blazing Milspouse Vloggers to catch up with

Vlogs are a way military spouses can  learn, connect, and comment about topics they need to know more about like MyCAA Program or Reintegration after deployment. A few months ago I did a blog post 5 of the Most Blazing Milspouse Vloggers to catch up with and it was it hit. I decided to look for more blazing milspouse vloggers you can watch on YouTube. There maybe questions you have a military spouses you don’t know how to find the answer or wonder about. Remember, no question is a dumb. The only question that’s dumb is the one you don’t ask.  Why not find a social media like YouTube where people freely share their experiences and advice? Many military spouses have been where you are whether you are new or experienced and they have a wealth of knowledge.

“Social video sites like YouTube have given people the ability to express themselves in a whole new way – vlogging.” – Megan O’Neill

I think as a Military Spouse depending on your situation you might not be able to meet other spouses easily in your area. Maybe you work full time or don’t live on base or are shy or don’t feel comfortable just yet putting yourself out there what other the reason is that’s okay. Many viewers after viewing videos on YouTube “then go on to share their personal stories in the comments and connect with other viewers and sometimes even with the person who uploaded the video.” Vlogs are a great way to slowly emerge yourself into the realm a what its like to be a military spouse without pressure.

Technology and the internet is one of the greatest allies and tools we can use to feel connected and learn more about our military community. That is why I feel its important to give you options and help you feel connected even if it may be challenging for you. Today the web is full of blogs and vlogs and how do you find the time to figure who to follow and what to watch? Well, I am here to make it easy for you and provide awesome content and links for you. Take advantage of great tip and resources other military spouses are freely willing to share with you.

Check out 5 more blazing milspouse vloggers here:

1)  Tonneli Grutter is  Navy Milspouse who created her Vlog Channel as a way for her to connect with others check out her blog too!


2)  Military Sisterhood is a group of military girlfriends, fiancees, and wives who decided to join together and make this awesome channel.


3)  Patricia documents her life as a military wife, mom, student, and business women who moved to Japan.


4) The official YouTube channel of the Military Spouse magazine (www.militaryspouse.com) which is the largest online community for military spouses online.


5)  Corie Weathers  was recognized by Military Spouse Magazine and Armed Force Insurance as the 2015 Military Spouse of the Year check out her YouTube Channel and blog.



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What are your thoughts? Do you have a YouTube Channel? Leave a comment with you link!

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