50 to the Point blog posts for any Milspouse who need Advice


I have been blogging about being a Military Spouse for more than a year. I thought I would give a list of all my favorite blog posts in case you missed any. Sometimes you need a little nudge or perspective from another fellow military spouse.  The unique thing about my blog is I am a lesbian army wife.  I am blogging about my experiences and life. Its been over just a year since the United States Supreme Court ruled that states banning same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. Therefore, there is still so much uncharted territory for LGBT military spouses. I am here to help you fine resources, tips, and advice.

I feel it is important to share stories, connect, and relate with others. Maybe being a military spouse wasn’t what you a dreamed of or thought of, but you are living proof of how wonderful this life is and how grand the United States of America is. Your spouse is among the top 1% of brave military personnel who protect this great county. Sometimes having the military apart of your life can bring you amazing benefits and experience you might not have had; yet, can leave you questioning what your role is.

Here is the big list of blog posts to read when you need advice.


Best Blog Posts


Why the Future of America Depends on your Vote in November

5 Easy Coping Ideas to get you through a Deployment

Breathtaking Photo Ideas for Lesbian Military Weddings

5 Commissary Website Resources That Will Save You More Money

How to Create a Blog to cure Deployments Blues

6 Quick Tips to Keep the Romance Alive

10 Super Easy ways to Stay Safe when you Live Alone

Making military Reintegration a more Peaceful Time

The Ultimate Savings Cheat Sheet for the Holidays

5 Ways to Ensure a Secure Online Experience


Undiscovered Posts


10 Fantastic Milspouse Blogs for Newbies

5 Heartfelt ways to keep your love strong in a Military Marriage

5 Ways Military Wives Can Manage Stress

How to Add More Understanding to your Military Marriage

How to Make your Military dwelling into a Home

Moonlight your way to Romance with Super Easy Date Ideas

Lesbian Military Parenthood Part 3: Starting your Family – Adoption

3 Sure Fire Ways to make New Milspouse Connections Today

25 Simple Acts of Kindness for a Strong Marriage

Improve Your Fitness Regime Right Now


Most Useful Blog Posts


Who is a Modern Military Spouse?

The Best Military Deployment Music Playlist Ever

8 Highly Awesome careers Milspouses should know about

Hurry up and Wait and What it Really Means

How to Be Happy and Stay Positive as a Military Spouse

Find out what Time Honored Military Gift your Spouse will Love

How to Live While your Spouse is Deployed

4 Resources for LGBT Military Families

The exciting Reason Milspouses can Love the New Years

Are you prepared for a natural disaster?


Favorite Blog Posts


Lesbian Military Parenthood Part 1: Deciding to start your family

50 of the best Pinterest Pins for Military Spouses

Same-Sex Marriage Military Benefits you need to know about

5 More of the Most Blazing Milspouse Vloggers to catch up with

Adopt A Deployed Soldier – This is best you can do today

Army Strong : A Love Story

How to be an Ally for LGBT Military Families

10 Lesbian Military Themed E-Books to Read Any Time

Lesbian Military Parenthood

20 Free Android Apps Every Milspouse Needs


Popular Posts


7 Blunders to Avoid as a New Milspouse

Lesbian Military Parenthood Part 2: Starting your Family – In Vitro Fertilization

51 Tips Every New Military Wife Should Know

6 Harsh Realities of being a Military Spouse and How to Embrace it

Stunning Lesbian Military Engagement Photo Ideas

I’m a Lesbian and my wife is in the Military. Now what?

25 of the Best Military Spouse Twitter Feeds to Follow

15 of the best Military Spouse Websites you need to know about

This is the One Ultimate Quick Fix for Overcoming Loneliness

5 of the Most Blazing Milspouse Vloggers to catch up with


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I want to bring awareness and acceptance for LGBTQ in our communities all across the world. What better way than by blogging? I want to share with everyone.

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